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Sansi LED Built up A Smart Eco-Greenhouse For An Aricultural Technology Company in Shanghai
2024-03-25 387

Recently, an agricultural technology company in Shanghai teamed up with Sansi LED to upgrade and renovate its greenhouse plantation. The indoor plant lighting solution custom-made by Sansi LED is designed to help create a smart eco-greenhouse, enabling year-round ecological planting without seasonal limitations.



As the core equipment of this project, Sansi LED grow lights have attracted the customer's interest due to their unique features. The innovative LED ceramic heat dissipation technology (COC Technology) developed by Sansi effectively improves heat dissipation efficiency, ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment. This feature not only extends the service life of the plant lights but also reduces energy consumption, aligning with the development concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.



In addition to excellent heat dissipation performance, Sansi LED plant lights also simulate the full spectrum of sunlight, providing plants with the closest light source to natural light for growth. This full-spectrum design can meet the light requirements of different plants in various growth stages, promoting healthy growth and increasing yield and quality.


In terms of illumination, Sansi LED plant lights achieve uniform light distribution, avoiding the impact of insufficient or excessive light on plant growth and ensuring a consistent growth environment for plants in the greenhouse, thus improving growth efficiency and yield stability.



It is reported that the company, utilizing the technical advantages of Sansi LED plant lights combined with an intelligent monitoring system, has achieved refined management of the greenhouse environment. By monitoring plant growth data and adjusting parameters such as light, temperature, and humidity, the system provides plants with the most suitable growing conditions, maximizing their growth potential. The company's leader expressed confidence that with the advanced technology of Sansi LED plant lights, they are poised to make greater breakthroughs in the field of smart eco-greenhouse planting, providing fresher and safer agricultural products to consumers.


Through the smart eco-greenhouse project powered by Sansi LED plant lights, not only does it showcase the application prospects of modern technology in the agricultural sector, but it also contributes actively to promoting green and sustainable development. Sansi believes that as this project progresses, it will bring more inspiration and possibilities for the transformation and upgrade of the agricultural industry.