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Sansi Won the Award of “TOP25 Smart Pole Enterprises” in Shenzhen
Sansi Won the Award of “TOP25 Smart Pole Enterprises” in Shenzhen
2022-06-02 1606

The sixth "Qianhaiwan Lighting Engineering Award Ceremony" hosted by Daily LED was grandly held in Shenzhen on May 13th. Shanghai Sansi was invited to attend the event with other enterprises, authoritative media and industry friends in the lighting field.



There are totally four categories of awards for this year’s ceremony: Top 25 Project Lighting Enterprises, Top 25 Landscape Lighting Enterprises, Top 25 Smart Pole Enterprises, and Young Designer Pioneer. Adhering to the consistent principle of fairness and justice, the conference awarded high-quality enterprises committed to the construction of lighting projects through careful selection. Among them, Sansi was honor to win the award of "Top 25 Smart Pole Enterprises".



Since its entering the field of smart poles in 2014, Sansi has developed a unique smart pole system with "10+N" functions through its strong scientific research capabilities and excellent integrated solution competency. Sansi has participated in the construction of decades of famous projects including Jingxiong Smart Expressway, Beijing Zuoanmen West Street and Hangzhou Hubin Road Pedestrian Street, providing personalized and systematic comprehensive services for local governments and citizens.



At the same time, Sansi also participated in the drafting and formulation of relevant standards including the national standard "Smart City, Smart Multi-Function Pole, Service Function and Operation Management Specification".


In the future, Sansi will further take the core advantages of technological innovation and make greater contributions to promoting the development of domestic smart pole systems and multi-pole integration.