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Sansi LED: Sustainable LED Lighting and Integrated LED Display

Delivering premium and professional LED Display, LED Lighting, Smart City Integration solutions, trusted by over 60,000 companies worldwide everyday. From industrial lighting to commercial lighting, from outdoor advertising to XR & VR production, Sansi LED greatly improves the quality and sustainability of your business with 30 years of expert experiences.

Content Production
Content Production
LED Display for Virtual Content Production
XR & Film Studio
Revolutionize audio-visual technology with innovative LED video walls.
All-in-one and Beyond
Real-time rendering, immersive 3D stage, and dynamic visual effects
  • Customize Your Scene with 3D and LED

    VR production & film studio technology are a new era of virtual filming technique based on the real-time rendering capability integrating various technologies such as VR and AR, and visual effects, which are now applied during the pre-production and production stages.

    Sansi LED has always been committed to seeking technological breakthroughs, recently we proudly launched our virtual creative display solution(VX series) catering to the current mainstream market demands, as the traditional green and blue screens can no longer satisfy the needs of filmmakers and media companies, and others.

  • Streamline Control Process & Production

    Sansi LED’s virtual production solution includes LED display control system, motion capture technology, recording system, broadcasting system, etc. The immersive and all-round virtual filming environment created on the stage allows users to be present in the visible scene in real time while eliminating the post-production processes, it’s more cost-effective and time-efficient.

    The coordination between the display and the camera is particularly important when it comes to professional film-making, the VR production LED display of Sansi LED provides outstanding visual performance, and has been successfully applied in film and TV production, and other advertising projects with its high contrast, high brightness, wide viewing angle, and ultra-high refresh rate which can reach 15360Hz.

A Total Integration of Display and Lighting and Control System

Whilst the VX series products prevailing, there’s also KS series floor tile display independently developed and designed by Sansi LED to further improve the quality and performance of VR production and XR film studio.

The unique front-maintenance design makes installation and maintenance easier than ever, it also has strong pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, dust resistance, and anti-electromagnetic interference, ensuring safe and reliable operation in the applications required.

Content Production Has Never Been Easier!
For film studios, stages, TV stations, broadcasting rooms, virtual spaces, advertisement shooting, live streaming, online launch, and more.

Sansi LED goes far beyond just manufacturing LED displays and lighting fixtures. We specialize in the fields of LED display and lighting, delving into technological innovation with the aim of providing customized, comprehensive solutions for a series of critical scenarios such as conference halls, exhibition centers, command centers, and audio-visual applications.

Focusing on designing exclusive solutions for these high-standard environments, implementing efficient content management and proactive system design to meeting the strict requirements of different users for quality, efficiency, and safety.