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Sansi LED Smart Pole System Lighted Up The Transportation Artery of Taizhou
2024-03-12 2392

Fortune Avenue is an important urban road in the road network of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, and it is also the first urban smart road put into use in this city. Sansi LED has provided intelligent light poles, multi-pole integration, and road base lighting facilities for this traffic artery, contributing to the digital transformation of this city.


For the different areas of road lighting on Fortune Avenue, Sansi LED has customized optical design and precise simulation calculations to develop suitable lighting schemes based on the actual road conditions. For instance, different sections of the road use single-arm or double-arm lamp post layout, ensuring key lighting indicators such as road brightness and uniformity meet standards while achieving higher light efficiency, more uniform illumination, low glare, and greater energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.


The multi-pole integration replaces the original single-function street lamps, effectively solving the common problem of balancing lighting, monitoring, and city beautification. The Sansi LED smart pole system is equipped with intelligent traffic control, fault alarms, environmental monitoring, LED displays, public broadcasting, and other functions. With powerful edge computing capabilities, it can comprehensively sense the road and environment, stabilize urban management, and inject elements of intelligence into the lives of citizens.


The Sansi LED smart pole can promptly provide feedback on a series of safety hazards such as electric leakage and water leakage, strengthen the safety protection of the pole, prevent accidents, and ensure the safe travelling of citizens. In addition, the ceramic heat sink luminaires have characteristics such as high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, and corrosion resistance, making them well-suited for the external road environment of Taizhou, a coastal city.


The completion of this project has relieved the traffic pressure in the area, improved the travel conditions and environment for residents, and connected the city's internal and external traffic networks, enhancing the urban popularity image of Taizhou.