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Sansi LED: Sustainable LED Lighting and Integrated LED Display

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KunMing Rose Plantation

KunMing Rose Plantation

Plant development refers to the series of processes and changes that occur in a plant's life cycle from seed germination to maturity and reproduction



After replacing all its greenhouses with Sansi LED plant grow lights, this rose planting base in Kunming successfully shortened the rose breeding cycle and achieved the goal of higher profits. Sansi LED plant grow light, with its unique full-spectrum design and secondary light distribution design, can simulate natural light under different sunlight conditions and effectively promote plant photosynthesis and growth and development. In the process of planting roses, the importance of light is self-evident. By accurately controlling the illumination time and intensity of LED grow lights, the planting base successfully accelerated the growth rate of roses, improved the flowering rate and product quality.


In addition, Sansi LED plant growl light has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency and long life, which greatly reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs. After the base introduced LED plant grow lights, it not only increased profits, but also reduced production costs and enhanced competitiveness. This cooperation has also brought more business opportunities to the base and attracted more attention and cooperation intentions from consumers and partners.