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YunNan Gypsophila Plantation

YunNan Gypsophila(Baby’s Breath) Plantation


A certain baby's breath planting base in Yunnan recently implemented modern planting technology, including the use of advanced lighting equipment - Sansi LED grow light. This move has achieved significant results in increasing yields. This planting base makes full use of the unique advantages of LED grow light to successfully double the output of Gypsophila supplies, providing a more stable and abundant supply to meet market demand.


In flower gardens, the small delicate 5-petaled flowers and light green stems create an airy look that’s perfect for perennial beds, cottage gardens, and cutting gardens. It nicely hides die-back from spring bulbs and flowers. Plant in groupings. Cut it back after flowering to encourage more blooms. We think baby’s breath looks lovely in a vase all on its own in big billowy sprays.


Sansi LED grow light is a highly energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting equipment. It uses advanced LED technology to provide appropriate spectrum and light intensity, which helps promote photosynthesis and growth of Gypsophila. This device has a flexible control function that can adjust the intensity and time of light according to the growth needs of Gypsophila star, so that each plant can be fully illuminated and maximize the utilization efficiency of light energy.

Because of Yunnan's climate characteristics and soil conditions, the planting of baby's breath has always faced certain challenges. However, by introducing Sansi LED grow light, the planting base successfully improved the environment for plant growth and provided more stable and ideal lighting conditions. The precise control of light quality not only promotes the growth rate and health of Gypsophila plants, but also effectively suppresses the occurrence of pests and diseases, and improves yield and quality.