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Jiangxi Agricultural University

Jiangxi Agricultural University


The Research Institute of Jiangxi Agricultural University recently introduced the most cutting-edge LED plant light supplement equipment - Sansi LED C21FS series of wing-spreading LED plant lights in its plant research field. The introduction of this research lamp is intended to enhance the institute's exploration of plant growth and development. The lamp features leading technology and innovative design, bringing huge potential to the institute's scientific research work.

Jiangxi Agricultural University (JXAU) is a university located in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China. It is focused on agricultural and biological science education and research. The university offers a range of undergraduate, master's, and doctoral programs in fields such as agriculture, engineering, management, and science.

Sansi LED C21FS series wing-spreading LED plant lights use high-performance LED light sources, which can provide precise spectrum and intensity to meet the light needs of plants at different growth stages. The unique wing-spread design allows light to be evenly distributed in all corners of the plant surface, maximizing light energy utilization efficiency. In addition, the lamps also have dimming and timing functions, which can adjust the intensity and time of light according to the needs of scientific researchers to meet the special requirements of different plants.



There are many reasons why the Research Institute of Jiangxi Agricultural University chose Sansi LED C21FS series wing-spreading LED grow lights as research lights. This series of lamps has low energy consumption and long service life, saving energy and reducing maintenance costs. Secondly, the precise spectrum and intensity provided by the lamp can simulate light conditions under different weather conditions, helping researchers better understand the response mechanism of plants to light. In addition, the lamp also has a compact design and is easy to install, making it convenient for researchers in the institute to conduct experiments.

The introduction of Sansi LED C21FS series of spreading-wing LED plant lights will provide more advanced and efficient tools for plant scientific research at the Jiangxi Agricultural University Research Institute. For future research in the agricultural field, Jiangxi Agricultural University Research Institute will continue to invest resources to promote innovation and progress in science and technology.


Sansi LED Grow Lights are a type of lighting system designed specifically for indoor plant cultivation. These lights utilize light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to provide the necessary spectrum of light for plants to undergo photosynthesis and grow effectively. LED grow lights are popular among indoor gardeners and cultivators because they are energy-efficient and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of plants at different stages of growth.