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Sansi Smart Lighting System Facilitated the Opening of JinYi Avenue
Sansi Smart Lighting System Facilitated the Opening of JinYi Avenue
2023-12-11 1461

In the newly launched Jinyi Central Avenue, Sansi provided a series of road lighting products and supporting systems for the National Highway 235. Based on the construction of intelligent road infrastructure, it involves several products including multi-functional integrated light poles, intelligent lighting monitoring and management platforms, etc., assisting the transportation construction of Zhejiang Province with technology.




The intelligent lighting control system based on Cat.1 single lamp control technology is a new control method that is different from traditional manual inspection. It achieves reliable, stable, and efficient communication, supports intelligent dimming of lights, fault and status detection, configuration management strategies, and improves the management level of the system. It reduces the cost of system management and maintenance, achieves energy saving and emission reduction, and enables fine-grained management of road lighting.


To meet the requirements of urban development, comprehensive lighting and monitoring solutions have been installed in the section of JinYi Central Avenue with heavy traffic. The system integrates various functionalities, enabling the comprehensive upgrade of road lighting. With full coverage of the entire road section through MMW radar, long-short-EFL video, and real-time monitoring is achieved, creating an intelligent sensing system. This system provides comprehensive perception of the road, guardrails, bridge structures, and other environmental factors, thereby improving the level of road safety service management.




Sansi cloud system, which is widely applied in smart street lighting and system solutions, is a comprehensive management platform based on big data storage, real-time tracking, and monitoring of product status. It is currently extensively utilized in the Sansi smart street lighting system. The StarRiver Pro control system, part of the Sansi smart street lighting software platform, is developed to control and monitor the lights and other devices. Its functions include asset management, permission management, system operation and maintenance, smart street lighting, media publishing, fault management, report management, and domain management.


The application of the Sansi smart street lighting and system control platform has further enhanced the level of digital operation and management of JinYi Central Avenue. So far,  Sansi smart street lighting system has been implemented in over 70 cities domestically and globally, contributing to the development of smart city and the integration of multiple poles.