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How Smart Street Lights Safeguard Daily Life of Urban Residents
2024-03-06 522

Multifunctional smart poles replace the original single-function street lights and integrate various road fixtures such as road lighting poles, sign poles, road name sign poles, surveillance poles, signal light poles, and communication poles into a single comprehensive pole, addressing the common problem of balancing lighting, monitoring, and urban beautification.


Sansi LED smart street light system support multiple functions including intelligent transportation, fault alarm, environmental monitoring, LED display screens, and public broadcasting. With powerful edge computing capabilities, it achieves comprehensive perception of roads and the environment, stabilizes and manages the city, and injects intelligence into the lives of citizens.


Sansi LED smart street lights  can also monitor water levels during the flood season, respond promptly to severe weather conditions, and enhance the comfort and safety of the city. They can also provide timely feedback on pole tilting, leakage, water leakage, and other safety hazards, strengthen pole safety assurance, prevent accidents, and ensure the safety of citizens' travel.


Data is a key element in urban development, and resource integration is the core content of digital city construction. To strengthen the management of urban informatization and intelligence, improve management efficiency, the Sansi Cloud system is based on big data collection, storage, and real-time tracking and monitoring of product status. It is a comprehensive management platform widely used in the Sansi LED smart street light system. The StarRiverPro control system of the Sansi LED smart street light software platform is used to control and monitor lights and other devices, which has been widely used in many domestic and overseas projects.