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The World-class Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link Built by Innovation and Dedication, Sansi LED Once Again Constructed and Illuminated Major Landmark.
2024-06-28 384

Lighting up the amazing cross-sea highway, where there are roads, there is prosperity, 

and Sansi LED is always ready to light the future of it.

The Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link will be located about 27 km downriver from the Humen Bridge, the only current bridge crossing of the estuary, and some 32 km north of the new Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge, which links the cities of Hong KongZhuhai, and Macau at the southern end of the PRD. The grand construction started in May 2017 with an opening date in 2024.

The bridge connects two major cities on the Pearl River Delta (PRD) in China, the city of Shenzhen on the eastern side of the PRD, and the city of Zhongshan on the western side. It also consists of a series of bridges and tunnels, starting from Bao'an International Airport on the Shenzhen side.

Now you might wonder what makes it so special and difficult to build?

The answer is that this link is an integration of Bridges, Artificial Islands, Immersed Tunnels, and Underwater Roads, and after the 24-kilometer sea crossing is opened to traffic this month, it is expected to reduce the travel time between Shenzhen and Zhongshan from two hours to just 25 minutes. The eastern section deploys an innovative construction technique featuring a steel-shell concrete immersed tube tunnel, which passes beneath the third main shipping channel in the area. At both ends of the tunnel, artificial islands have been completed. The western artificial island takes on a diamond shape, resembling a “ kite on the sea ”, while the eastern artificial island covers an area equivalent to that of 48 standard football fields. The project is strategically located south of Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, and will serve as a vital hub connecting the tunnel with multiple land highways.

The immersed tube tunnel is 6,845 meters long and has eight lanes in both directions. It is the longest and widest steel-shell concrete connection in the world. On both sides of the tunnel, Sansi LED installed smart adjustable full-color landscape light strips that can change colors according to ambient temperature and traffic conditions. When an emergency occurs, the light strips display red, yellow, and green in segments from near to far, which can effectively and efficiently guide people to evacuate in an orderly manner, for instance, through the smart software control system developed by Sansi LED itself, different colors can be used to accurately locate the fire-proof door, which can be used for evacuation in case of an incident.

Sansi LED Intrepid & Top-notch Tunnel Solution

Sansi LED is honored to be chosen to help construct this grand project to propel the urbanization, just like it did for the prestigious Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge.


Delivering both extraordinary solutions in LED lighting and LED display, including LED tunnel lights, LED linear lights, LED inspection lights, and LED landscape lights, low guardrail lights and corresponding intelligent control systems.

The smart visual monitoring system installed in the central control center can monitor the operation status of tunnel lighting in real time while offering several operational management advantages.


LED Bridge and Tunnel Lighting

Sansi LED continuously developing and innovating the LED lighting products to make peoples daily life safer, and save more energy consumption while easing operations and reducing costs.

With the self-developed LED reflective lighting technology, Sansi LED has pioneered new possibilities in the application of LED tunnel lighting systems. Different from traditional lighting methods that rely solely on direct illumination, the continuous light belt design scheme is used to achieve uniform and sufficient brightness in the tunnel without visible glare, and effectively solving common issues such as uniformity, glare and flickering in tunnels. And by Sansi LEDs intelligent lighting control system for tunnel traffic, it not only ensures the lighting performance to be optimal, but also comprehensively provides integrated supports & services for tunnel operations and maintenance. 

  • Sansi LED Tunnel LightLED Linear LightLED Inspection LightLED Guardrail Light

LED Landscape Floodlight.

  • Sansi LED Small-pitch P0.8 Display for Central Control Center

Were excited to collaborate with global partners who share the same vision for enhancing the safety and efficiency of tunnel lighting. Together, we can illuminate tunnels around the world with our groundbreaking LED lighting & display technology and provide all-in-one solutions that go beyond expectations.

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