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Sansi LED shines in Chengdu Chengdong Sports Park
Sansi LED shines in Chengdu Chengdong Sports Park
2022-11-04 1484

With the final shot of the men's table tennis team competition, the 56th World Table Tennis Championships came to a successful conclusion on Oct 9th, 2022. The competition with global interest was held in the Chengdu High-tech Zone Sports Center, and it is worth mentioning that the professional LED display equipment in the venue were all customized and manufactured by Shanghai Sansi.


Recently, another comprehensive sports venue in Chengdu was completed, which is named as Chengdong Sports Park. Covering an area of about 12,000 square meters, it is one of the key projects of the urban brand building in Chengdu. Sansi also also participated in the construction of the project.




With unique technical advantages and rich experience in stadium display and lighting construction, Sansi provided a series of LED display products and integrated solutions for the stadium, and successfully built the Chengdong Sports Park into an international and modern venue.


The art of light is the theme of the lighting project of such comprehensive sports venues. In order to create a sports venue with special characteristics, Sansi has customized an architectural floodlighting scheme for the venue. Multiple sets of full-color LED linear floodlights are used inside the curtain wall frame of the building. With the intelligent control system, the lights can illuminate from bottom to top, mapping the bright wall and creating a dreamy lighting effect.



Sansi full-color LED linear floodlight adopts reinforced stretched aluminum which has smooth surface and firm structure. The integrated heat dissipation technology and shading plate structure can effectively conduct heat to the outside and improve the service life. With an IP66 protection grade, the lights can effectively resist the severe weathers. In addition, the luminaires have a 10-degree light-cutting measure to avoid excess stray light, which not only ensures the lighting effect, but also reduces light pollution.


At the same time, Sansi installed an outdoor full-color LED display on the wall to broadcast promotional videos or match previews. This is another typical LED architectural project created by Sansi, which combines LED floodlighting and LED display, creating a more dreamy atmosphere surrounding the avenue.



Sansi has provided nearly 100 square meters of bucket-shaped LED display for the interior of the sports venue. The height of the display can be adjusted freely according to the specific needs of events and various occasions, helping to display real-time broadcasting, advertising, information broadcasting, etc. At the same time, Sansi also installed a 150-square-meter LED display above the auditorium. The display with various functions can cooperate with the bucket-shaped display to create an immersive viewing experience. The audience in any direction can catch every detail clearly and enjoy every wonderful moment during the match.



These LED display products installed inside the venue have the characteristics of high grayscale, high contrast ratio and high refresh rate, creating bright and delicate images for the audience in the venue. In addition, Sansi LED display products also support communication backup and customized maintenance methods, both product reliability and maintenance convenience are guaranteed. The application of these LED displays has further promoted the intelligent and refined management of the venues.



So far, Sansi has provided LED display, LED lighting products and comprehensive solutions for nearly 100 large sports venues such as Shanghai Stadium, Chengdu High-tech Zone Sports Center, Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center, Xi'an Olympic Sports Center, etc.