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C2020 Series High-Power LED Grow Lights
C2020 Series High-Power LED Grow Lights
2019-03-06 633

The successful greenhouse grower will be mindful of the various crops being grown in the greenhouse and their individual lighting needs, and will ensure plants have sufficient spacing to receive the available light. Designed specifically to provide supplementary lighting for greenhouse, LED grow light can improve diverse growth parameters.


Why does a plant need light?


Plants use light for:

1. Photosynthesis, growth energy
2. Plant development, flowering, morphology 


Both simultaneously take place in the plant and interact with each other.


C2020 Series High-Power LED Grow Lights


Light as a production factor


The right artificial light is a crucial production factor for professional growers. The key here is photosynthesis. Almost all life on Earth depends on it. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use sunlight (or its substitute) to convert carbon dioxide and water into energy – or glucose and oxygen to be precise. As a rule of thumb, one percent more light results in one percent increase in yield.

Light therefore has an enormous influence on the quality and quantity of the harvest. Consequently, the demand for reliability of the light is equally high.


The new SANSI 420W LED grow light for Greenhouse


C2020 series high power dimmable LED grow light is specifically designed for large-scale indoor farming applications. Adopting SANSI patented ceramic LED technology, it features energy efficiency, low power consumption, uniformed light distribution, adjustable spectrum. C2020 series LED grow light offers significant grow lighting solutions for vertical farming, commercial greenhouse, indoor farming, etc.


SANSI 420W LED grow light for Greenhouse


Product features:


  • Patented ceramic LED technology, LED chips are mounted directly onto the ceramic body, no PCB.

  • High quality LED light source, high luminous efficiency, 90% of the light can be absorbed by plants and flowers, life expectancy up to 50,000 hours.

  • Revolutionary heat dissipation system, high power efficiency and low power consumption.

  • High quality aluminum die-casting shell, no fans, no plates. All materials meet the requirements of environmental protection.

  • Uniformed light and spectrum distribution. Each LED chip is mounted in a circle providing uniformed light and spectrum distribution.

  • Intelligent control on lighting spectrum, individually adjustable Red, White, Blue dimmers allow precise 3-channel spectral control, meeting various plant growth applications.


Product features


Common spectra customizations for Vegetative and Flowering environments


Vegetative- PPF µmol/s 1650 µmol/J 3.91 PPF/W, 422 Watts
Ideal for short and fast vegetative plants
Even mix of blue and red light
Blue (400-499nm) 55.56%
Green (500-599nm) 4.34%
Red (600-699nm) 39.20%
Far Red (700-780nm) 0.90%
Flowering- PPF µmol/s 1577 µmol/J 3.73 PPF/W, 422 Watts
Ideal for both vegetative and flowering cycles
Highest rated PPF/W and µmol/s
Blue (400-499nm) 24.48%
Green (500-599nm) 4.34%
Red (600-699nm) 70.28%
Far Red (700-780nm) 0.90%


Tips of hanging distance and time setting


Tips of hanging distance and time setting




SANSI has been developing ways to apply lighting technology to crop farming for over 25 years. With cutting-edge LED innovations at our command, we can custom-build a science-based solution for our customers.