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What should be considered before buying security lights?
What should be considered before buying security lights?
2022-02-03 1611

Nowadays, the LED security lights are widely used in outdoor lighting of private houses. People choose LED security lights to replace the traditional halogen lights because of the higher brightness and their functionality. However, what should be considered when choosing the LED security lights? This blog will take Sansi LED ceramic security light as an example to introduce the key features you should pay attention before purchasing a security light.

Sansi high lumen LED security lights adopt Sansi’s self-developed ceramic heat dissipation technology, which are more reliable than the mainstream products in the market using aluminum alloy heat dissipation. Especially in outdoor environment, ceramic radiator has better corrosion resistance and salt spray resistance performance. The lumen value of Sansi security light can reach 6000 lm, being the currently brightest security light in the market. When the price is close, the lumen value is 2 times that of competing products (usually about 3000-3500 lm for ordinary security lights in the market), the cost performance is much higher than the main competing products in the market.


As the most comprehensive security lights in the market, Sansi high Lumen security lights can be set into Auto mode, D2D mode, and On-Time mode to meet the requirements of different application scenarios.(The competing products usually have only Auto mode and Steady-On mode) Under the Auto mode, the light will automatically open when the sensing range detects people or vehicles passing by ; When the light is set to D2D mode, the light will be switched on automatically at night and turned off automatically during the day; When the product is set to on-time mode, the light will be in a steady lighting state no matter day or night. The monitoring range, on-light time and light sensitivity can be customized according to the specific applications.


The core component "human infrared sensor" of Sansi security light is developed and designed by ourselves. The human infrared sensor lens modified with anti-UV materials could ensure a long-term and stable outdoor use of the products.


Because of the ceramic heat dissipation technology, Sansi heat dissipation structure looks very different from traditional aluminum alloy heat dissipation products, which is highly recognizable and with a sense of beauty.