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How to choose the most suitable LED bulbs in the New Year
How to choose the most suitable LED bulbs in the New Year
2022-02-07 713

It's been a month since the New Year, and if you are still thinking about renovating your interior decoration, the household lighting must be a particularly important part of it. For more and more people, the LED bulbs have become an indispensable necessity in daily life. This blog will introduce Sansi LED bulbs to you, which can be the most suitable LED bulbs for your house.


Sansi high lumen LED bulb adopts ceramic heat dissipation technology, which can meet the heat dissipation requirements of higher power in a smaller size structure. For example: A 800 lm (replacement of 60W incandescent light) bulb’s mainstream size on the market is A19 (diameter about 60mm), and Sansi 800 lm bulb size is only A11 (diameter 38mm), which is even smaller than common candle bulbs. However, the brightness is twice as bright as a typical candle bulb. Due to its relatively compact size, Sansi A11 800 lm bulbs can be used in more lighting fixtures. At present, the maximum lumen value of A21 bulbs on the market reaches 3000 lm, while the maximum lumen value of Sansi A21 bulbs is 6000 lm, which is 2 times the lumens of similar products in the market, which can better meet your needs for high-lumen bulbs.


At present, most of the high lumen LED light source products can not be installed in completely closed lamps or containers for use. The light source that can be installed in closed lamps on the market has lower power and lower brightness. Sansi high lumen LED bulbs adopt industry-leading adaptive power technology and internal integrated temperature sensor parts, which help to  adjust their own power according to the temperature of the surrounding environment, even if the light source is used and installed in completely closed lamps or containers, there will not appear safety risks, and the brightness will not have obvious changes.


For such kinds of household lights, the after-sales is also an important part for the attention of customers. With a life span of 25,000 hours, Sansi offers a 5-year warranty for our products, and most bulbs in the market have a life span of 10,000 hours (and even 7,700 hours) and come with a one-year warranty. The advantage has also become a major reason why our products are favored by our customers.