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Working Principle of Transparent LED Display
2024-02-27 691

The working principle of transparent display is mainly based on the combination of LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology and transparent materials.


The core part of the transparent LED display consists of many small LED arrays. These LED arrays are embedded in transparent materials such as glass or plastic. Each LED array contains LED beads of the three basic colors: red, green, and blue, which can emit light independently. When the transparent LED display receives signals from the image source, the control circuit accurately controls each LED array. By adjusting the brightness and color of the red, green, and blue LED beads in each LED array, the transparent LED display can display various images and videos.


The transparency of the transparent LED display is due to the use of high light transmitting materials as the display medium. Transparent materials allow light to pass through the screen, while the LED arrays can also emit light. Therefore, when viewing the transparent LED display, people can see objects behind the screen while also viewing the images or videos displayed on the screen.


The working principle of the transparent LED display lies in controlling the brightness and color of the LED beads in the LED arrays, as well as using transparent materials as the display medium, allowing it to combine transparency and display functions simultaneously.


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