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What are the floor tile screens and its advantages?
What are the floor tile screens and its advantages?
2023-02-16 887

What is LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen?  


The LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen is an innovative commercial display product specially designed for ground display. It cooperates with the intelligent system to realize multiple effects such as human-screen interaction and fun games, extending the stage space and realizing the visual effect of light and shadow interaction to make stage funny. It can be applied to both indoor and outdoor stage scenes, and can also be used as a stage rest area in large shopping malls.



What are the advantages of LED intelligent interactive floor tile screen?


Due to the particularity of the use environment, it should not only meet the needs of conventional LED display screens such as quiet heat dissipation, convenient maintenance, and stable display, but also consider the following elements.


1. Safe load bearing. The LED floor tile screen needs to have super load-bearing strength (up to several tons of weight per square meter). Taking the live broadcast/recording scene of a TV station as an example, props are often placed on the floor tile screen, and the work in front of the TV station usually requires standing in front of the stage. The super load-bearing design can ensure the stability, reliability and safety of the TV station. 


2. Wear-resistant and non-slip. The mask of the LED floor tile screen is usually made of high-quality GOB material, which has high wear resistance and flexibility, so that it can adapt to the high-intensity trampling when the audience interacts.


3. High standard waterproof and moisture-proof design. The module bottom case and mask are made of special waterproof and moisture-proof materials, and the overall protection level is not lower than IP4X. 


4. Interactive intelligent design. The LED interactive floor tile screen system is usually composed of signal acquisition part, signal processing part, imaging part, computer, engineering wiring, and other audio and other auxiliary equipment. The application of LED floor tile screens and linkage equipment has enhanced the product's own value, and the customer's commercial value has been highlighted. Configure a variety of interactive scenes, use human-computer interaction technology to make the audience participate in the display scene, and combine high-end materials to make the virtual scene more realistic and vivid. It also solves the problem of the traditional manual method - manually playing and adjusting the video, which consumes a lot of manpower and cannot be accurate and timely.