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Three Common Methods of Outdoor Display Splicing, How Much Do You Know?
Three Common Methods of Outdoor Display Splicing, How Much Do You Know?
2023-04-11 294

LED displays are gradually becoming the mainstream digital media in both indoor and outdoor events and commercial advertising scenarios nowadays. It's worth mentioning that LED display isn't a single display device, but composed of multiple modules. It's important to consider about how to achieve seamless splicing for LED display suppliers. Currently, the splicing applications we see in the market mainly include three types: flat splicing, right angle splicing, and arc splicing.




Flat Splicing


Flat splicing is a quite common seamless splicing technology for LED displays. This technology uses LED modules of the same size and resolution, and through precise calculation and fixing methods during splicing, multiple modules are perfectly blended together to achieve a seamless splicing effect. Flat splicing technology can realize LED displays of any geometric shape and size, and the display effect after splicing has a high degree of consistency and integrity.


Sansi Flat Splicing LED Display: Beijing Juntai Department Store


Right Angle Splicing


Right angle splicing is a specialized technique for splicing LED displays at right angles or corners. With this technique, the edge of the LED module is processed into a 45-degree angle for seamless splicing at corners. By extending the application of right-angle splicing technology, various corner shapes can be achieved, and the spliced display effect is of high quality without gaps or deformation.


Sansi Right Angle Splicing LED Display: North Qinxian Street, Shanxi Taiyuan


Arc Splicing


Arc splicing technique is specifically designed for curving LED display. The LED display need to be customized with a curved chassis that meets the requirements of the engineering plan at the curved splicing position, and use special modules to create a curved LED display module. Then splice it with high precision with the two flat chassis on both sides to make the splice flat, to achieve a smooth and natural display effect.



Sansi Arc Splicing LED Display: Yintai Department,Hangzhou


All the three seamless splicing techniques have their unique advantages and scope of application.And they are all required to meet the actual requirements of the scenarios.


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