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What should be paid attention to when installing the floor tile screen?
What should be paid attention to when installing the floor tile screen?
2023-02-15 1088

In the 2023 ISE exhibition (European audio-visual equipment and information system integration technology exhibition), one of the scientific and technological achievements exhibited by Sansi - the intelligent LED floor tile screen, impressed the professional audience. The unique front maintenance design of the floor tile screen enables any module to be magnetically taken out from the front, thus realizing fast and accurate installation and positioning. At the same time, more landing point designs are introduced on the back of the structural box, and the high-precision casting process ensures that the back of the box is safe, stable and reliable. As for the installation methods of different floor tile screens, there are a few points to pay attention to.



According to different space requirements, the LED floor tile screen mainly has the following installation methods. (The height from the ground to the light-emitting surface of the screen is generally 70mm, but the adjacent cabinet (65mm~95mm) can be adjusted up and down by rotating the base screw.


1. Ground installation: Install directly on the ground, and the screen body is higher than the ground. For indoor environments where the ground cannot be sunk.


2. Embedded installation (preferable method): Digging a pit on the ground for sinking installation, and the surface of the screen body is flush with the ground. It is easy to walk and has strong integration into the environment.


3. Steel frame installation (common way): weld the steel frame on the ground or in the sunken foundation pit, and install the LED floor tile screen on the steel frame. Mostly because the foundation pit is too deep, it is good for ventilation and heat dissipation, dehumidification and drainage.


4. Guide rail type (customized) installation: guide rail strips are laid on the ground or in the foundation pit, and the LED floor tile screen is installed on the guide rail strips. It is mostly used in places with limited space.


With the continuous development of 5G, VR, 8K and other technologies, LED display is gradually breaking the audience's inherent impression of immersive experience, and is developing in a more diversified and interactive direction. The emergence of interactive LED floor tile screens has added a lot of vitality to the LED creative commercial display market.