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What Should be Considered Before Choosing Floodlights?
What Should be Considered Before Choosing Floodlights?
2020-10-23 1313

Nowadays, LED floodlights have become the first choice for commercial or residential property by most people due to their high brightness and wide illumination coverage. Floodlights can provide a perfect lighting solution for different scenarios through reasonable placement. So how to find the most suitable floodlight for yourself in this saturated market?



For different application scenarios, floodlights are also divided into several types. So what you have to do before choosing the floodlights is to figure out what you are using the floodlights for. If you’re using it for security reasons maybe you will need a brighter wider beam coverage. If it is for accent lighting your garden or home, maybe you need a smaller less powerful beam. If it is going to be an investment for the whole year, an RGB Floodlight with some smart capabilities may be best...


For many customers, the occasion of using floodlights is generally for the safety lighting of their houses. For security lighting, you’re going to need bright light, wide coverage and reactionary. A lot of floodlights can provide the brightness and the wide beam coverage, however, they’re not reactionary. If you are looking for higher brightness and coverage, then the best solution is to use LED Floodlight in combination with a motion sensor, which makes it reactionary, thus providing you with a very bright and effective security light.


Different from residential security lighting, some owners utilize floodlights to illuminate specific areas such as entrances, archways, etc. For such kinds of wall washing, a spread lens would be suggested as these disperse the beam out from the center spot and gives the light soft edges. When purchasing a spread lens, check the efficiency as it can vary between 50%-70%.



Another common application scenario for floodlights is event lighting. Due to its remarkable lighting effect for a certain area, floodlight is used for a variety of open-air parties, large and small offline events. Event lighting with floodlights can be difficult to get right. You’re going to need layers to highlight the features of the event site. For example, combining 10Watt RGB LED floodlights with 50Watt and 100Watt RGB floodlights will be the best bet for creating a great party atmosphere. Depending on whether it’s an indoor or outdoor party, the wattage may vary. More lights and more power will be needed outside. The best thing about RGB LED Floodlights is that they’re remote-controlled. They come with various colors and settings which create a party atmosphere.