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Advantages of LED Display in Stage Performance
Advantages of LED Display in Stage Performance
2020-10-09 1285

With the increasingly living quality, the traditional stage with a monotonous form of expression has been gradually unable to meet the viewing requirements of the audience. In order to increase the stage performance, LED display screens with reliable quality and outstanding display effects are widely used in stage, theaters and live shows, bringing a fantastic visual feast to the audience. 


Curtains were essential items in the previous stage performance. Although curtain has the function of decorating the stage and improving the performance effect. However, as a stage background, the scene effect that can be presented is very limited. In each activity, a dedicated person is required to take responsibility for the curtain. The successful application of LED display makes the stage effect more diversified, and also bid farewell to the era of artificially controlled curtain stage.



The picture above is the indoor full-color LED screen of Sansi installed in Shanghai International Film Festival. High-definition display quality and great color reproduction enriched the content of the event and highlighted the theme of the movie.


The traditional stage is generally designed with stage props, on the contrast, the LED display screen is a virtual screen, which uses concrete virtual images to convey realistic information. The flexible and changeable display form can bring a new aesthetic experience to the audience. Taking Xi’an Qin Shihuang Grand Theater as an example, the 131 square meters Sansi indoor full-color screen installed with delicate and lifelike image quality display capabilities can truly reproduce natural scenery, enhance the entire performance atmosphere, and stimulate the audience’s sense of participation.



The traditional stage is generally designed according to the needs of the event performance and targeted by various specific props. Once the event is over, the props are likely to be discarded. The LED display screen can be freely assembled into screens of different shapes flexibly according to the on-site space and event requirements, which saves the expenses of the event organizer to a great extent.



As a carrier which combines modern technology with modern stage art, LED display is gradually replacing traditional stage layouts and becoming the main trend of stage performances.