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Smart Street Light Application in 5G Era
Smart Street Light Application in 5G Era
2020-12-04 1620

Street lights, as the most common urban infrastructure,ensure people's traveling safety at night throughout every corner of the world. It's hard to imagine a world without street lights. However, in such an information-based Internet of Things era, street lights can do much more than just provide illumination.



Since IBM put forward the concept of "Smart City", Chinese industries have been trying to apply the latest artificial intelligence technology to the daily life. TheSmart Pole Systemis one of the achievements since the concept was proposed. It applies new type of means such as power line carrier/ZIGBEE communication technology and wireless GPRS/CDMA communication technology to connect street lights in the city in series to form the Internet of Things. With the gradual realization of comprehensive 5G coverage, the smart poles have been widely used in various scenarios and bring lots of convenience to our life.


Shanghai SANSI entered the market of smart pole in 2004, its self-developed smart pole system is based on the application of new-generation information technology such as the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, and spatial geographic information integration. Through the poles located in all over the city, it's convenient to sense, analyze and integrate the key information of the core system of urban operation, thus realizing the collection and transmission of various important information including city services, public safety and environmental protection. The smart pole system has become an indispensable part of the construction of smart cities.



SANSI smartpoles are designed with several maincapabilities in general, includingsmart collection and analysis of urban events and infrastructures, smart parking, smart road lighting, smart night lighting management, infrastructure smart monitoring, WiFi, vehicle scheduling, muck transportation management, advertising approval and some integrated management systems such as emergency command and support. With these functions, the smart poles can generally applied in the following areas:


In the field of smart transportation, SANSI smart pole system integrates traffic guidance, parking instructions, vehicle monitoring, emergency rescue, illegal driving evidence collection and vehicle networking systems. It transmits information collection and monitoring to the command center in real time and send the data to different city management departments to keep the city running in an orderly manner through analysis.



In the process of building a safe and harmonious community, SANSI smart pole system could meet the basic needs of community roads; The security monitoring system can track and investigate suspected community personnel 24 hours per day, so that the residential property can find and solve problems in time for interception and interrogation; The equipped environmental monitoring system check the air quality at any time, especially after the release of garbage classification regulations, fixed-point environmental monitoring is conducive to the formation of garbage classification awareness for community users. In addition, with the function of smart pole charging pile, the street light can even meet the needs of new energy electric vehicles, contributing lots to the green traveling concept.



The smart pole system could also be applied in some tourist areas or scenic spots. People could learn about the local weather, real-time consultation and event notifications through the LED display of the street lights. The build-in WiFi signal transmitter also brings convenience to the majority of tourists; In addition, the pole is equipped with a high-definition camera to ensure regional security while allowing tourists to experience the pleasant travel.



Especially in recent years, the market demand for smartpoles has increased to a great extent. With the fullcoverage of 5G in the future,thesmartpoles will completely replace traditional street lights and become an indispensable infrastructure inthe smart city.