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Tips For Choosing Tunnel Lighting Fixtures
Tips For Choosing Tunnel Lighting Fixtures
2020-12-11 1586

Different fromthe ordinary roads or streets, the tunnel is a closed spacewhich cut off from the sunlight. In order to improve road capacity andensure the safety of passingdrivers and vehicles, the tunnel lighting design should consider the different lighting requirements of each area in the tunnel besides some basic conditions such as the road surface type, road length, traffic volume, etc.This article aims at introducing some factors to consider when designing and programming tunnel lighting.



When it comes to the particularity of tunnel lighting, we have to mention the unique black hole and white hole phenomenon, which is the biggest problem for tunnel design and construction.In the daytime sunlight environment, the brightness of the entrance of the tunnel is obviously higher than the inside. When the driver enters the tunnel, the strong brightness contrast makesit difficult for human eyes to adjust to the change and a blackcave or frame would occurs in their eyes.In some cloudy and rainy weather, when the brightness in the tunnel ismuchhigher than thatinthe exit,the “black hole” will also appear. This phenomenonmight cause the driver to lose sight of the roads or the obstacles,resulting in serious traffic accidents. On the contrary, when the driver drives out of the tunnel, the brightness contrast will produce glare, and the human eye will see a “white hole”,making the driverfeelconfused about the road conditions, leaving a safety hazard.



Based on the above problems, SANSI LED tunnel lights can effectively realize the brightness and color temperature control of the two light sources through the adjustment of the power supplyby the centralized control system. As the core control equipment of the system, the centralized controller can send and receive control signals, automatically upgrade the system, and provide light statusand road conditioncollection. It could quickly provide accurateanalysis and make timely adjustment to the light in the tunnels, significantly reducing the probability of black/white hole phenomena. The capability of brightness control could also realize automatic energy-saving, SANSI tunnel light series are equipped with DALI dimming mode, which can realize 0-100% dimming according to the tunnel lighting environment and traffic conditions. Create an ideal lighting environment while reducing energy consumption and operating costs.



Aiming at the unique environment characteristics of the tunnels, the protective performance of the LED tunnel light is particularly crucial. Made of aluminum alloy environmentally friendly materials, SANSI tunnel light series are all with a protection grade of IP65 and a high dustproof and waterproof grade, which can effectively reduce the accumulation of dust, moisture and other impurities. The lights can work safely and stably in a humid tunnel environment and reduce potential safety hazards, greatly protect the security of the drivers.


Many tunnels are facing the hidden hazard of poor lighting conditions due to the early construction time. As an important part in the highways, the tunnel driving safety should be taken seriously enough, a timely replacement of old traditional tunnel lighting facilities could be a necessary work. And certainly, if you are searching for a solution for the soon-to-start tunnel projects, SANSI tunnel light series would be one of choices for you.