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Sansi Figures in National Demonstration Smart Business Circles
Sansi Figures in National Demonstration Smart Business Circles
2022-12-29 1935

On November 28, the circulation development website of the Ministry of Commerce released the "Announcement on the Review Results of the First Batch of National Demonstration Smart Business Districts and National Demonstration Smart Stores", preliminarily identifying 12 national demonstration smart business districts and 16 national demonstration smart stores.


In this list, the Xinjiekou commercial district in Nanjing, the Hubin commercial district in Hangzhou, the Wulin commercial district in Hangzhou, the Tianhe Road commercial district in Guangzhou, the Jiefangbei commercial district in Chongqing and the Chunxi Road commercial district in Chengdu have undergone the process of intelligent transformation and upgrading, Shanghai Sansi has participated in the construction of the among projects. Sansi provided products such as LED displays and smart light poles which combined with technologies such as naked-eye 3D, VR, 5G, and the Internet of Things for these projects, shaping a new format and scene of entertainment consumption.


Xinjiekou commercial district, Nanjing


Xinjiekou is located in the central area of Nanjing. It is one of the key demonstration city business districts in China. The Golden Eagle International Nanjing Shopping Center and Suning Xinjiekou Store, which were shortlisted for the "Demonstration Smart Store" this time, have been both equipped with indoor and outdoor LED displays with a total area of nearly 600 square meters provided by Sansi.




Hubin commercial district, Hangzhou


As the Chinese saying goes:”Heaven above, Hangzhou below.” Hangzhou Hubin District is one of the most famous business districts in China, and it is also a benchmark for smart business districts in China. The commercial district has adopted and installed hundreds of sets of Sansi smart poles, integrating intelligent lighting control, one-key alarm, video broadcasting to create a multimedia application community . The project was awarded as one of the top ten outstanding cases of the National Energy Conservation Center, which was reported by CCTV.



Wulin commercial district, Hangzhou



As a 100-billion-level commercial district with large financial centers such as Hangzhou Tower, Wulin Intime, Yinyao Department Store and Kerry Center, Hangzhou Wulin Commercial District has been selected as a "Zhejiang Provincial Demonstration Smart Commercial District". The curved large LED display provided by Sansi for the Wulin Commercial District is integrated with the building, which is full of aesthetics. With the all-round stereo effect consistent of the display, it makes people feel immersive.



Tianhe Road commercial district, Guangzhou


Tianhe Road commercial district has a 100-billion-level industrial cluster and is regarded as one of China high-end commercial and trade centers. In this area, the Grandview Plaza is a super-large shopping mall that once ranked among the "Top 10 Shopping Centers in the World". The Tianhe Road business district has held many online and offline commercial activities, and the curved outdoor LED display customized by Sansi for Grandview Plaza provides a smart carrier for the event display, making the Tianhe Road business district burst with vitality.




Jiefangbei commercial district, Chongqing


Jiefangbei has always been a "cultural symbol" of Chongqing, and the business district is also one of the landmarks in Chongqing. When night falls, the LEDs in the Jiefangbei business district begin to change bright colors, especially the 31-meter-high outdoor display with a total area of 426 square meters provided by Sansi. The brilliance enriches the travel experience of local citizens and tourists.



In addition, in the Raffles City in Chongqing, the indoor display customized by Sansi makes the space filled with fun.



Chunxi Road commercial district, Chengdu


When it comes to the business district of Chengdu, Chunxi Road should be the first reaction of most local people. This commercial districtr has become a symbol of Chengdu. Relying on its rich experience in commercial display, Sansi has customized outdoor LED display products and solutions for this famous business district in Southwest China, making the development of Chunxi Road a higher position.



In modern business landscape, creative display has become a new blue ocean. Through the emerging display solutions represented by naked-eye 3D, Sansi helps the transformation of the business in the direction of diversification and strong interaction, creating a new focus of the business circle.