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Sansi LED Road Lighting Case∣The Smart and Automated Jingxiong Highway
Sansi LED Road Lighting Case∣The Smart and Automated Jingxiong Highway
2021-05-28 2118

On May 29th, the Jingxiong Expressway (Hebei Section) with a total length of around 75 kilometers was officially put into use under the expectation of the public. The Jingxiong Expressway becomes the most convenient highway connecting Beijing with the Xiong'an New District. In addition to greatly facilitating the travel of surrounding areas, the smart and automated expressway has achieved technological breakthroughs and application innovations in many fields.


Specializing in the LED industry for 28 years, SANSI participated in the whole process of construction. Centered around the target of building a smart highway, SANSI provided a series of solutions for the project. The core concept of the Jingxiong Highway construction is ‘smart’. In terms of intelligent highway construction, Jingxiong highway comprehensively applies a series of new generation information technologies such as Beidou high-precision positioning, IoT, big data, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving to provide intelligent services including vehicle-road coordination, MDS Solutions, smart lighting control and other comprehensive operation and maintenance works. 


After winning the bid for the project, SANSI raised a special scientific research team integrating artificial intelligence, system integration, automation and technology, microelectronics, industrial design and other domains at once to carry out the construction of the plan for the project. Following the core direction of “Not only to achieve functional integration and innovation, but also to seamlessly connect and match with external equipment and the environment”. SANSI installed a total of 3,700 smart poles through the entire Jingxiong highway, providing many smart transportation hubs for it. “Smart poles are developed on the foundation of traditional lighting poles, which play an essential role in the normal operation of the smart highway,” said by Zhang Mengqiang, the chief leader of the project, “It integrates the newest smart devices such as visibility detectors, edge computing devices, smart dedicated cameras, road condition detectors, etc. The poles can offer the functions of intelligent perception, intelligent lighting, energy saving and consumption reduction, achieving the goal of ‘one pole, multi uses’.”


By the way, these smart poles can automatically adjust the brightness and color temperature according to the weather and traffic conditions, which not only ensuring driving safety, but also effectively reducing the energy consumption. The poles automatically adapt to the surrounding environmental conditions through the build-in sensor and analyze data such as ambient light intensity and traffic flow, then making the most appropriate adjustments.



In addition to the 3,700 smart poles with innovative functions, SANSI also manufactured and supplied self-developed LED ceramic pixel street lights, LED lighting fixtures, VMS, large-scale LED information boards and other intelligent lighting equipment and control management systems for the expressway. Tens of thousands of sets (units) LED devices form a completely integrated system, ensuring the safety and versatility of the highway. Based on the overall framework of the smart highway construction, SANSI integrates traffic guidance, media display, data analysis, information feedback and other functions in the innovative technology and application of LED smart transportation products, then forming comprehensive system solutions.


Since its establishment in 1993, SANSI has always insisted on independent innovation and R&D for over 28 years. Through the strong technical accumulation in the LED industry, SANSI has finished one after another world-famous lighting projects:  Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Donghai Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, New York Times Square,etc.