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Sansi LED Lighting Up Guiyang Metro Line 2
Sansi LED Lighting Up Guiyang Metro Line 2
2021-05-27 1260

After several years of construction, the Guiyang metro line 2 was officially opened to the public on 28th, April. Composed of 32 stations, the 41.5 kilometers-long rail transit greatly facilitates the daily travel of local residents. Shanghai SANSI participated in and completed the lighting equipment supply of 12 stations (public area and interval tunnel) of the first phase of the project, and 4 stations (equipment area) of the second phase. The total number of LED lighting sources reached 30,000 sets.


 Subway lighting is affected by factors such as natural light, crowd density, regional functions, etc., and the lighting methods adapted are also different. Combining the previous scientific lighting calculation methods with the cutting-edge LED lighting technology, SANSI provided various lighting applications such as entrances and exits, passages, station halls and platforms corresponding to each station of the metro line , creating a safe, comfortable and stable lighting environment.


 Aiming at the transitional space with a large flow of people such as station entrances and exits, in order to effectively avoid the influence of light and dark adaptation, these area commonly adopt a combination of direct lighting and indirect lighting. The lighting fixtures developed by reflective lighting technology above the escalators can effectively prevent glare, ensuring the safety of the pedestrians during the rush hours. Then for the station hall, which is completely isolated from the outside, the combination of various lighting methods makes the luminous environment in this area more diversified. In addition to direct/indirect lighting, the emergency lighting and customized lighting are also used to provide high-quality lighting environment to ensure sufficient illuminance and reasonable glare prevention. The lighting fixtures developed with reflective luminescence technology make people see the light without seeing the source, providing passengers with a comfortable lighting environment.


Due to the long time continuous working, the subway lighting devices have a high requirements for heat dissipation, reliability, lifespan and maintenance. It is worth mentioning that all the lighting devices used in the project are made with SANSI unique ceramic heat dissipation technology, ensuring the stable operation of the whole line 2 throughout the day.