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Sansi LED Shows Great Ambition in Horticultural Lighting
Sansi LED Shows Great Ambition in Horticultural Lighting
2021-02-26 493

Regarded as one of the most high-profile niche applications in the intensely competitive market, horticultural lighting has attracted much more attention in recent years. Especially in the context of the global pandemic of the Covid-19. The artificial lighting industry has been expanding rapidly. It is estimated that the global horticultural lighting market will exceed 2 billion US dollars by 2021.


Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd, has specialized in the LED industry for over 28 years, launched a series of LED grow lighting products and systems in 2020 after two years of successful research and trialing planting projects. Directed towards several main scenarios (greenhouses, vertical farming, household growing and micro indoor landscaping), these products have been widely praised since their appearance on the domestic and overseas markets. The advantages of Sansi grow lights are reflected in several aspects.



·Ceramic Heat Dissipation Technology


Artificial lighting could facilitate the healthy development of plants and improve the quality and yields of plants by adjusting the spectrum, light intensity and other important factors that affect the growth of plants. Especially in an environment with insufficient natural light, the artificial light source is one of the most effective ways to provide supplemental light for plants. In some indoor settings such as greenhouses and residences, it is necessary to continuously use artificial light to aid the growth of plants due to the deficiency of the natural light. Thus, there is a strong demand for high-efficiency heat dissipating grow lights.


High temperatures are the biggest threat to LED products, it’s also an important reason for light decay and shorter lifespans. Different from other products in the market, Sansi adopts their self-developed ceramic pixel heat dissipation structure and system in its products. The LED chips are directly attached to the ceramic which was sintered under 1600°C and precisely processed, forming completely independent luminous pixels. Different models are composed of different amounts of pixels, which is suitable for different growth applications. The great performance of Sansi grow lights contributes to a more reliable and stable lighting supply.



·Customized Spectrum


The diversity of the plants and the differences of the planting scenarios determine the choice of the light. According to the different applications, the light quality and quantity of Sansi grow lights are more targeted and applicable to promote growing efficiency. The customized spectrum plays a crucial role in meeting the specific requirements of different occasions. Through the detailed research on the growth cycle of various plants and 7*24-hours supplementary light growth experiment, the Sansi R&D team finally summarized the spectral ratio of different plants and customized a series of growth lights that meet the growing light needs of various plants, among them the industrial hemp is the most representative.


Targeting at household growing, the grow lights ranged from 7W-50W could be switched between full spectrum, Red/Blue spectrum and other customized spectrums, meeting the needs of small-scale indoor grows. In the field of vertical farming and micro indoor landscaping, Sansi also introduces different models with unique power consumption and spectral ratio. All of these products have been successfully applied around the world with obvious results.



·Brand Strength and Market Demand


With an over-500-person R&D team, Sansi research institute covers 14 professional disciplines such as materials, optics, microelectronics, structure, system integration, artificial intelligence, etc. In addition, Sansi has been conducting in-depth research and practical cooperation with well-known domestic scientific research institutions, indoor grow farms, and large gardening companies for many years. 


According to Manager Wen, the Technical Promotion Director of Sansi, the amount of RFQ is far beyond the expectations since the launch of the C2020-BE greenhouse top lights. No matter large-scale vertical farming or gardening enthusiasts, many customers have shown interest in our techniques and products. “The popularity of Sansi grow lights reflects the high market demand for horticultural lighting”, said by Wen, “ It also indicates the public’s recognition of Sansi’s brand strength. We will in the future continue to innovate and improve the existing techniques to provide better lighting experiences for our customers.”