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Sansi LED: Sustainable LED Lighting and Integrated LED Display

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Keeping Traffic Safe and Smooth with the Groundbreaking Reflective Lighting Technology
2024-04-07 204

Sansi LED is continuously developing and innovating the LED lighting products to make peoples daily life safer, and save more energy consumption while easing operations and reducing costs.

Tunnel is a vital infrastructural element that ensures orderly transportation and enhances safety for both drivers and pedestrians, and it’s an enclosed passage which restricts the normal daytime illumination of the roadway and produces shadows that limit the visibility the driver within the structure. By providing high-quality tunnel lighting solutions that improve visibility while driving to mitigate accidents from carelessness, and create pleasant and focused lighting environment, Sansi LED is no doubt the first choice to conduct the operation.


With the self-developed LED reflective lighting technology, Sansi LED has pioneered new possibilities in the application of LED tunnel lighting systems. Different from traditional lighting methods that rely solely on direct illumination, the continuous light belt design scheme is used to achieve uniform and sufficient brightness in the tunnel without visible glare, and effectively solving common issues such as uniformity, glare and flickering in tunnels. And by Sansi LEDs intelligent lighting control system for tunnel traffic, it not only ensures the lighting performance to be optimal, but also comprehensively provides integrated supports & services for tunnel operations and maintenance. 


 The LED tunnel lighting series of Sansi LED are designed to withstand severe challenges posed by the tunnel environment. We employ the die-cast aluminum as the main materials to ensure durability and resistance to the factors which might affect the product performance, such as extreme temperatures, humidity, dust, and vibrations, etc. And the smart cloud control system we developed could help control the tunnel lighting with dedicated interfaces, adjusting the luminous flux based on atmospheric conditions to reduce energy and maintenance costs. In fact, the LED sources can vary the light intensity entering and exiting the tunnel, in order to reduce glare and increase safety, your infrastructures and constructions will be equipped with reliable & sustainable lighting solutions that last for years to come.” quotes Dr. Jiang, the Chief Engineer at Sansi LED.


As an environmentally conscious LED company, Sansi LED adheres to sustainable development, we prioritize energy efficiency in our full product ranges and solutions. By integrating advanced LED chips and self-developed secondary light distribution technology, we have achieved remarkable results on energy saving without compromising the illumination performance, not only contribute to reducing carbon emissions, also help saving maintenance costs.


Sansi LED is fully committed to innovation and integration when it comes to our product development, having a professional and dedicated R&D team full of experts who have more than 30-year experiences to provide comprehensive supports and consultations, from project design to final installation.

Sansi LED strives to provided tailored LED lighting solutions to clients specific needs, ensuring that each project is optimized & customized to deliver the best possible performance and efficiency.


Were excited to collaborate with global partners who share the same vision for enhancing the safety and efficiency of tunnel lighting. Together, we can illuminate tunnels around the world with our groundbreaking LED lighting technology and provide all-in-one solutions that go beyond expectations.


Key Advantages of Sansi LED Tunnel Lights


lSelf-developed Ceramic Heat Dissipation & Die-cast Aluminum

lInnovative Reflective LED Lighting Technology

lSecondary Light Distribution Technique

lHigh Brightness, Low Energy Consumption, Reliable & Durable

lSelf-developed Drive, Easy to Maintain

lStreamline Installation and improve Lighting Performance

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