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What is the difference between plant grow lighting and general lighting?
What is the difference between plant grow lighting and general lighting?
2021-07-22 803

Sun is the light source and light is vital in the growth of plants. However, the light environment is different under different geographical conditions. In order to increase crop yield, improve crop quality and control the growth cycle, various types of plant grow light have been widely applied in indoor planting and greenhouses. What is the difference between plant grow lights and general lighting?





The plant grow light is created and design for plants. It is to provide light supplement for plant growth so that plants can grow with sufficient light. The general lighting fixtures are mainly for people to illuminate or decorate.





The plant grow light is designed according to the photosynthesis of plants. Nowadays, there are mainly full-spectrum and red-blue spectrum plant grow light on the market. The spectrum of the full-spectrum LED plant grow light is mainly in the visible light band from 400nm to 720nm (except the green light band), and the light spectrum band of red and blue spectrum plant grow light is mainly concentrated in the red and blue light band. The spectrum of general lighting is not as concentrated as that of plant grow light, and the spectrum of light beads used by different manufacturers also varies.


This means that with the same amount of lighting tensity, the light from the plant grow light can be effectively used by plants, well for ordinary lighting light a large amount of the light energy that is useless to the plant and thus wasted when both applied. 


Therefore it is recommended to choose a professional plant supplement light when necessary. Sansi wing plant grow light series are specially designed for roses, tomatoes and other high-light-needing plants. The products sell well both at home and abroad, effectively solving the problem of insufficient light for indoor plants in different geographical areas such as high latitudes; and areas with extreme coldness, dense fog and rain.



 Full spectrum sunlight assimilation, cares for plant growth


Sunlight contains ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light. Most of the ultraviolet light is absorbed and filtered by the ozone layer before reaching the earth. The visible light is vital on plant growth. Sansi wing plant grow light assimilate sunlight to meet the light needs of the plant growth in different stages.



 COC ceramic heat dissipation technology adopted, longer service life


High-quality ceramics at a high temperature of 1600°C are used as the heat sink, which has good heat dissipation and makes up for the hidden hazard of traditional aluminum substrate leakage. The hollow exterior design increases the efficiency of natural convection and ventilation, low light decay with stable performance.



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