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The City’s Smart Brain, Modular Smart Street Lights
The City’s Smart Brain, Modular Smart Street Lights
2021-08-03 1774

Modular smart street lights are widely used in road lighting due to their superior performance such as high luminous efficiency and low luminous attenuation, and their energy consumption can be reduced by more than 50% compared with traditional light sources. The product adopts high-power LED lighting unit, standard module with unique lens design, and is widely used in various types of main and secondary roads and expressways. The protection level is high,and the operation is stable and reliable, the LED light source components are modularized, which is convenient for the large-scale production of lamps, and the installation and maintenance are easier, which effectively reduces the subsequent maintenance costs. In addition to excellent optical and electrical performance, with the lighting IOT system, it can also realize intelligent management such as multi-level dimming and remote monitoring of LED road lighting, so the energy saving of road lighting can be optimized.



1. The main functions of smart street lights:


Intelligent lighting, information release, video monitoring, public security face recognition, public security traffic analysis, public broadcasting, emergency calls, wireless coverage, base station reservations.


2. Architecture of cloud system design and construction:


A network-managed photoelectric switch is integrated in the light pole, which is used to ensure the communication of the pole network equipment. The light pole is connected to the optical fiber and the whole star network is adopted as a whole. All smart street lights are connected to the dedicated network of optical fiber. After the optical fiber is converged at the front end, it is transmitted back to the monitoring center through the 2-core optical fiber.


3. Smart applications and solutions:


Intelligent lighting management subsystem; video screen monitoring subsystem; outdoor information release subsystem; emergency management subsystem; smart street lamp monitoring platform; wireless AP subsystem.


4. Model innovation:


Multi-party cooperation mode, the overall design and construction of the public security and operators, the use and management of camera AP and other equipment are delivered to the departments that need to be used, which is convenient for management and maintenance.


The city has a large number of street lights, which is the most dense urban infrastructure that facilitates the collection and release of information. Smart street lights are an important source of information collection for the IOT in the future. Urban smart street lights are an important part and important starting point of a smart city. They will soon become the smart brain of the city and make important contributions to city construction and management.