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The Latest Darling For DOOH Solutions: Naked-Eye 3D Technology
2024-03-05 374

Sansi LED was awarded the honor of the Innovative Award for Naked-eye 3D Display at the just pass ISLE2024 due to the successful implementation of multiple outdoor full-color LED screen projects. So, what kind of technology is naked-eye 3D, which has gone from obscurity to widespread application in outdoor media?


The naked-eye 3D technology creates a realistic LED 3D effect in front of the eyes without the need for 3D glasses or other auxiliary tools. Compared with other 3D screens, it has advantages such as high brightness, no reliance on external light, and effective elimination of Moiré patterns. One can enjoy an immersive experience of spatial dimension without causing visual fatigue.


Talking about the imaging principle of naked-eye 3D technology, taking the example of indoor applications with a brightness of 500 lux during the day and a single-person viewing scenario, assuming that the eyes are 60-70mm apart, and imagining our brain as a complex nervous system. When viewing an object, by utilizing the horizontal visual difference of object imaging on the retina of both eyes, the brain merges the two images with parallax seen by both eyes through the fusion reflection of the central nervous system, thus forming a stereoscopic image with a sense of depth, which is the basic principle of naked-eye 3D imaging.


With the development of contemporary naked-eye 3D technology, 3D LED display functions of high-resolution small-pitch display systems such as 4K and 8K may gradually enter the right track. In the future, the LED small-pitch system, with relatively small screen size and curved seamless variable design, could accelerate the commercial integration with 3D, VR/AR, and other technologies. As of now, Sansi LED has supported the application of naked-eye 3D technology in multiple outdoor display projects, such as Shanghai Golden Eagle Square, Circa LA Apartment, Dallas At&t Headquarters, etc.