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The Development Trend of Outdoor Full Color LED Display
The Development Trend of Outdoor Full Color LED Display
2021-05-07 1413

LED display nowadays could be seen almost everywhere on the street, as well as with LED lighting decorative LED lights and LED car lighting; LED technology has become an integral part of our daily life.


LED full color display is in profusion in big cities and small towns alike. Especially in big shopping centers in big cities, no matter it is interior or exterior; LED full color LED display is becoming so common and thus in most case it has become the landmark of the city. LED displays especially the full color ones have become a very important means of brand and service promoting; its importance is marked as more of them spring up.


With the wide range of applications of LED displays in various areas, its market share is also obviously on the increase; the technology of LED full-color display products will also be further improved. In the future, full-color LED displays will be super-large, high-definition and high-density, energy-saving and intelligent, thinner and thinner, more common and accessible, clearer and more creative new applications.


As a high-tech product, LED display has people's attention. The intelligent full-color display adopts computer smart control and integrates light and electricity, and has been widely used in various fields. Pixels use LED light-emitting diodes, and the light-emitting diodes are arranged in a dot matrix to constitute an LED array, and then form an LED screen. Through different LED driving methods, images with different effects can be achieved. Therefore LED driver chip play an important role in the display quality. LED driver chips can be divided into general-purpose chips and special-purpose chips.



In order to obtain a better viewing effect, people will have higher and higher requirements for the screen clarity. If you want to be able to restore the authenticity of colors and display clear images on a smaller display, then high-density and small-pitch LED displays will become one of the future development trends for out door LED displays.


Display modules can be basically divided into plastic modules and die-cast aluminum modules. The main advantage of plastic modules is their low cost, which is more in line with the mass market. The advantages of die-cast aluminum modules are mainly flame retardant and non-flammable under outdoor high temperature conditions; large deformation, high flatness, long life, fast heat dissipation, front and rear maintenance, etc; but its price is higher, and it is more in line with higher requirements for products and higher requirements for installation conditions.


Under current economic conditions, Full-color LED display has a wide range of applications. According to its application scenario, it could be divided into outdoor LED full-color display and indoor LED full-color display. Outdoor LED full-color display usually choose screens with larger pixel, such as P10, P8, P6 and P5. This is mainly because large LED screens used outdoors are usually larger in size, and the price of LED displays with larger pixels are less higher than that of small-pitch LED displays. It is much lower in price and also the viewing distance of outdoor LED displays is usually farther. 


LED displays were mainly used in high-end places such as banks and stock exchanges, and most of them were single-color and two-color LED displays. Full-color LED display broke the scope of LED displays. With the advancement of display technology, the improvement of service levels and the plummet of prices, Full-color LED display is becoming more accessible to all.