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The Development Trend of LED Display
The Development Trend of LED Display
2021-01-22 1036

Nowadays the concept of 3I (Instrumented, Interconnected, and Intelligent) has permeated every corner in people’s daily life. In this Internet-of-Everything era, the continuous innovation and progress of various equipment is constantly refreshing our understanding of modern technology, and our life is being infiltrated and changed by these disruptive technological innovations. 



Among them, the LED display industry is no exception. Since the development of the LED display industry, the demand of consumers in this unpredictable market has been changing day by day, and the industry competition continues to rise. From the original purpose of simply delivering images or contents to a variety of functions at present such as human-computer interaction and naked-eye, the LED displays are constantly refreshing people’s knowledge of technology.


In the light of present situation, the future trends of LED display is likely to be multi - functional and intelligent, which specifically performances in several aspects. One typical example is the interaction between user and the display. In terms of the product characteristics, the intelligent LED display is to enhance user’s satisfaction and operating experience. Under this premise, the future LED display will no longer be a simple display terminal, but a smart carrier which can interact with the users based on infrared sensor technology, touch function, voice recognition, 3D, VR/AR, etc. Take the LED Head Sculpture custom-manufactured by SANSI North America as example, the special-shaped screen could show their faces in real time according to different users, greatly increases the interaction between the smart display and users, thus helping the enterprises to attract more customers.


The intelligence of the LED display allows more users to have a better scene experience. When people interact with the display, a special scene will be built to ‘connect’ people's emotions and feelings with it. The intelligent upgrade of the control system is also an important booster for the progress of smart LED display products. For example, based on the existing technology, it allows cloud platform management, big data analysis and processing, intelligent control and other various functions. At the same time, in terms of the hardware of display, which also needs continuous improvement, it will improve with the increase of people’s ideas and requirements.


At the same time, the smart LED display shows a trend of segmentation and diversification in different occasions. Classified by fields, there are smart transportation, smart monitoring, smart stage, smart advertising, etc. And for different fields, various series such as Indoor fixed fine pitch, outdoor fixed and transparent display are designed to meet different requirements. No matter how many fields and products are developed, it is undeniable that the LED displays are always designed and developed for users and operators’ needs, which represents the future of the whole industry.