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Sansi Won Several Awards in Hebei Lighting Industry Forum
Sansi Won Several Awards in Hebei Lighting Industry Forum
2023-03-07 749

The 2023 Hebei Urban Lighting Forum was held in Shijiazhuang on March 1. The theme of the meeting was "The Integration and Development of Intelligent Technology and Urban Lighting". More than 100 people including industry experts, scholars and representatives of well-known enterprises attended the meeting.



Sansi was invited to attend this meeting, we comprehensively introduced the company's research and application achievements in the fields of municipal administration and smart city construction through explanations and product demonstrations.





Miao Luping, the chief engineer of Shanghai Sansi, shared the technical application in urban road lighting at the forum. Miao focused on the application experience of Shanghai Sansi in municipal roads and tunnels, including adjustable color temperature technology, constant brightness light distribution design, reflective lighting technology, continuous light band lighting design and other cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements. Miao also introduced the breakthrough development of Sansi in recent years, especially the expansion of Sansi's production base, the case application of urban smart pole system and the ceramic heat dissipation lighting technology which applied in the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.



"On behalf of Sansi, I would like to express our appreciate to the association for the long-term trust, recognition and support." Miao said, "Under the leadership of the association, the members of the association and all enterprises will unite and move forward bravely to create a new chapter in local lighting industry."