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The Future Trend of Subway Lighting Environment Design
The Future Trend of Subway Lighting Environment Design
2022-04-06 2192

The subway has become a popular scenario for the Tik-Tokers and Youtubers to record short videos or V-logs nowadays. For these people, there are often stroboscopic ripples, glare, and serious dark areas. According to the survey, severe stroboscopic flickering for a long time will cause eye fatigue for photographers or tourists, and it is also prone to adverse phenomena such as headache and vision loss. It explains that the lighting design of subway space is related to human visual health. So, what kind of lighting fixtures are the most suitable for subway environment?



By 2022, Shanghai Sansi has undertaken lighting engineering construction projects for over 100 subway lines, and has been regarded as a professional subway lighting supplier with a large quantity supply of subway lighting products in China. Through rich project practical experience, Sansi has unique insights into the design and application of subway space light environment.



Reflective Lighting Technology:

Reflective lighting technology is the research result of a major project of the National 863 Program undertaken by Shanghai Sansi. Through the Lambertian light distribution and three-dimensional reflection cavity design, the reflection efficiency and output uniformity of the lights are further improved, which improves the safety of subway lighting.



No Flickers, Uniform and soft light:

The wide range of voltage input (100-240VAC) can prevent the lights from being affected by voltage fluctuations and ensure stable operation. The surface of the light adopts a tempered glass lampshade to avoid the problem of aging and discoloration. The precise optical and three-dimensional reflective cavity design ensures a uniform and comfortable light output. The Sansi self-developed driving power supply and ceramic pixel packaging technology ensures that there is no visible flickers during the operation of the lights, which greatly comforts the eyes of the passing people.



Ceramic Heat Dissipation Technology:

Sansi ceramic pixel downlight adopts independent ceramic heat dissipation technology, which directly welds the LED chip on the surface of the ceramic, greatly reducing the thermal resistance of the system, so that the heat can be dissipated into the air faster, thus ensuring the reliability and stability of the lights.



The subway lighting products of Sansi can cover the entire subway area. Different scene modes can be set according to the different requirements of different areas , even the flow of people, morning rush hour, etc. , which can effectively reduce the operating lighting energy consumption and personnel management costs.