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Sansi LED has made a new solution for tunnel lighting
Sansi LED has made a new solution for tunnel lighting
2020-07-30 1144

In order to ensure the safety of tunnel roads and improve traffic efficiency, LED tunnel lights with high luminous efficiency, long lifespan, low energy consumption have gradually replaced high-pressure sodium(HPS) lamps, which result in high energy consumption, high pollution and poor color rendering. Although the revolution has reduced the occurrence of traffic accidents and eased traffic pressure to some extent, it still cannot meet the increasingly severe traffic demand. As the expert of LED lighting, SANSI C0820-VC dimmable ceramic pixel tunnel light has been highly recognized and applied by the users since it was launched. This article shows the advantages of SANSI tunnel lights to explain why it can stand out from others. 



Compared with other traffic hubs, the tunnel has its own unique environment and road problems. Aiming at the special features of tunnel environment, SANSI dimmable ceramic pixel tunnel light proposed solutions to these problems from multiple aspects. 


· Intelligent Control of Brightness and Color Temperature


In the entrance section and the exit section of the tunnel, there is large difference in brightness between inside and outside. When the vehicle enters the tunnel, the human eye will feel dizzy for a moment due to the limited perception of the difference in brightness. Based on the problem, SANSI LED tunnel lights effectively realize the brightness and color temperature changes of the two light sources through the adjustment of the power supply by the centralized control system. As the core of the whole lighting system, the centralized controller can send and receive signals,  upgrade the system automatically, and provide lamp status collection, fault reporting and other functions, then provide accurate data to the staff quickly.



C0820-VC can control brightness and color temperature(3000K-6500K) automatically according to the light environment inside and outside of the tunnel and vehicle operation conditions. Within a certain range, the difference in brightness, color temperature and display index between inside and outside of the tunnel could be reduced to provide a more comfortable road condition for the driver, and achieve the purpose of safe driving.


· Unique Ceramic Heat Dissipation


When it comes to judging the pros and cons of an LED tunnel light, the heat dissipation performance and light quality are two crucial standards. Between them, the heat dissipation performance is directly related to the energy-saving effect and lifespan of the LED lamp. Compared with aluminium base board, SANSI ceramic base board has more advantages in heat dissipation. LED chips are directly attached to the ceramic, heat is directly dissipated through the air. The overall heat dissipation effect of the light is much higher than that of the traditional PCB LED tunnel lights, which results in a longer lifespan of the lights.



Besides the two outstanding advantages above, C0820-VC has great capability of resisting various kinds of harsh environment. With IP66 certification, it won’t be corroded in humid air environment, greatly reducing the maintenance cost.


So far, C0820-VC has been successfully applied in Hangzhou city tunnel lighting, Guiyang city high-speed LED lighting, etc.