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LED Display Trend 2021: All-In-One LED Display
LED Display Trend 2021: All-In-One LED Display
2021-04-02 991

With the pandemic situations going on worldwide, especially with the surge of the new wave and new variants; the overall economic situation will not be improved in any given short time; all walks of industries are deeply impacted by covid-19 and the market performance is unexpectedly low compared with pre-covid19 period; Even with rough situations; LED display market is expected to grow with government stimulus plans, projects and programs.


Specifically the all-in-one LED display is taking on the growth margin for 2021 as supposedly according to market consulting data. All-in-One LED display is a multiple functional LED medium that integrates wireless transmission, video conference, and interactive writing functions. It can be applied to medium and large-sized meeting rooms, lecture halls, multipurpose halls, multimedia rooms, exhibition centers and classrooms; to largely improve the efficiency and collaborations of meetings. With the increasing demand for HD display as 5G transmission develops and consumption upgrades, LED displays will be applied and seen more in commercial settings in the coming future. In addition to meeting rooms and scenarios as such, All-in-One LED display could also applied to settings like remote medical treatment, emergency command, distant education and home theater,etc. 


Unlike traditional tiled display, All-In-One LED display is the integration of standardized product and controller, appearing to be thinner (common thickness is 3 to 5cm). It highlights fast on-site modular installation as installation and testing can be finished in 1 to 2 hours.The aspect ratio of the display is mainly 16:9 and sizes vary from 108-inch to 220-inch. This kind of display targets conference rooms for big events or meeting rooms that contains more than 30 people; both 2K and 4K displays are available. In general, the all-in-one LED display has wall-mounted type and movable standing type that make possible for quick on-site installation. All-in-One LED display has been a increasingly high market focus since ISE 2020 and will become one of the major market trends for LED display market.


Sansi high resolution all-in-one LED display is a display device and a display platform with multiple functions at the same time. It integrates high-definition display, wireless projection, and split-screen display, which can effectively combine product functions and meeting methods to improve the efficiency of modern meeting rooms.


The all-in-one LED display from Sansi is with integrated design to achieve simple and efficient interaction, ultra-thin large screen with 16:9 ratio and 1080P to have a better visual presentation and user experience; which in a way better matches the specific needs of the meeting room scenarios. Easy installations designed possible, mobile bracket and wall-mounted installation could be achieved; more importantly the installation method is free to choose. Multiple expanded functions are also integrated with various interface types; remote control is also designed within the package to make it more convenient and practical to operate.