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Sansi LED: Sustainable LED Lighting and Integrated LED Display

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Sansi Customized LED display in Qingdao Guoxin Financial Center
Sansi Customized LED display in Qingdao Guoxin Financial Center
2021-11-10 2220

Since its establishment in 1993, Shanghai Sansi has been at the forefront of the industry in the field of LED display system customizations. Among them, the customization of financial center display screens has always been one of Sansi's high-end customization services, such as the case of small-pitch indoor full-color LED screens in Qingdao Guoxin Financial Center.


The LED display screen in this financial center is customization of a P1.5 small-pitch three-in-one full-color LED screen. The LED display screen is with fine pitch pixels that has no mosaic, the colors displayed are true and vivid;and the screen interface is clear and smooth. This exclusively customized display is a front maintenance screen for surface mounting, which is easy to install and is also conducive to subsequent maintenance, adjustment and overhaul; the installation method of front maintenance does not need to reserve a maintenance plank, which saves indoor space and does not need to change the interior structure and design; simple, convenient and practical to operate.


The customized indoor full-color LED display is low in energy consumption, highly efficient and energy saving with very good performance in heat dissipation. The unique product design can naturally dissipate heat, which greatly improves the function of each display module. Good heat dissipation performance ensures the overall service life of the display. The specifically calibrated control system enables the display to automatically or manually adjust the brightness according to the ambient brightness, which can meet the needs in different scenarios in an intelligent and efficient manner.


Up to now, Shanghai Sansi has customized a variety of LED display solutions for tens of thousands of high-end customers according to their specific application scenarios. Our professional team of research and development could exclusively customize your ideal display system solutions as required.