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Sansi LED: Sustainable LED Lighting and Integrated LED Display

Delivering premium and professional LED Display, LED Lighting, Smart City Integration solutions, trusted by over 60,000 companies worldwide everyday. From industrial lighting to commercial lighting, from outdoor advertising to XR & VR production, Sansi LED greatly improves the quality and sustainability of your business with 30 years of expert experiences.

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Smart Street Light by Sansi LED, Living Intelligently and Eco-sustainably
2024-03-04 863

Propelling Modern City Integration with Advanced Smart Street Light by Sansi LED, Living Intelligently and Eco-sustainably.   



Sansi LED developed and manufactured its own smart street light from scratch, a definite breakthrough for intelligent LED lighting, its a combination of technological integration, including LED lighting, information collection, transmission and dissemination, data processing and control execution, and cloud management, and these great features are especially important in the development of smart cities.

Our smart street light allowing municipalities to remotely operate, control, dim, turn on or shut off a single or a group of lights from a designed could system, it greatly improves public safety for pedestrians, and serves real-time information, also monitors the weather and environment conditions.


 Sansi LEDs smart street light makes it easier for urban administrators to develop smarter and more efficient cities, our smart LED lighting system contributes to improved efficiency among multiple departments, including municipal authorities, private entities, law enforcement agencies, transportation networks, and educational institutions. Given the great powers of our smart street light, many cities around the world are now contacting us as they all want to be the smart and integrated presence of its own country or state, its a trend and it is inevitable, and Sansi LED is well-prepared to this revolution!  quotes Dr. Jiang, the Chief Engineer at Sansi LED.


Smart Transportation - Safety and Efficiency

The prevalence of private vehicles provides residents with higher convenient travel experience, but exerts considerable pressure on urban traffic. So how to effectively and orderly regulate the traffic as to ensure the safety of pedestrians has become a major concern for the city management. Sansi LEDs smart street light integrates parking instructions, traffic flow, vehicle monitoring, traffic guidance into the light poles, and transmitting ground traffic data to the command center for a fast analysis and processing to help the relevant department make a timely and reasonable control, which is greatly improving the smoothness and safety of the city roads.


Smart Community - Connected and Informed

Nowadays the residential area has been transformed into a public facility integrating leisure, entertainment, education and social interaction expansion. Sansi LEDs smart street light is equipped with a range of advanced functions, including real-time information broadcasting, environmental condition display, one-button emergency call, wireless WiFi, and electric vehicle charging stations. Additionally, the LED screens produced by Sansi LED are allowing community authorities to deliver real-time information to the residents.


Carrier for 5G Communication - End-to-end Nodes of Smart Network

Due to the advantages of wide coverage and uniform distribution of smart street lights, more and more urban construction organizations make them as the carrier of their 5G base stations of rapid development of communication technology. Sansi LEDs smart street light integrates infrastructure and IoT components together to realize the unified applications, saving energy, improving security, lowering pollution, and innovating modern city life.


Key Advantages of Sansi Smart Street Light System      


lTALQ-Certified Smart City Solution Provider

l10+N Functions Available to Serve Various Applications

lSelf-developed Smart Cloud Management System

lDynamic Lighting and Versatile Sensing Systems

lCustom-made Design 

lEnergy-efficient & Eco-friendly

lEasy Installation & Maintenance


About Us:

Sansi LED has been pioneering the professional & commercial LED industries for over 30 years, with its cutting-edge LED lighting products equipped with advanced features and futuristic technologies, our amazing solutions cater to the diverse & customized requirements for smart city and smart life.

We illuminate every important moment of your life, make it memorable and fantastic!


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