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Sansi LED Lighting Illuminates A National Highway in Europe: A Remarkable Collaboration
2024-05-16 276

The South-North Highway priority section in Montenegro spans a total length of 40.87km. This section is characterized by its technical and construction complexities, with 16 tunnels and 20 bridges, making up a tunnel-to-bridge ratio of 60%.


With its extensive scientific research background, Sansi LED has provided over ten thousand LED lighting fixtures and comprehensive solutions for this highway, illuminating this "century project" in the Republic of Montenegro and contributing to the construction of the "Friendship Road" between Montenegro and China.



The lighting fixtures utilized by Sansi LED in this project not only comply with CE/ENEC European standards but also meet various high-performance requirements. Featuring scientific light distribution design, these products cater to the high standards of lighting optics. The fixtures incorporate Sansi LED's proprietary ceramic heat dissipation street lights, which effectively lower thermal resistance and offer superior heat dissipation. The narrow cross-section design reduces wind resistance, enhances safety, and enables adaptability to demanding outdoor environments.


For tunnel lighting, Sansi LED has specifically developed a series of optical lenses that meet European lighting requirements. Additionally, a unique tunnel light using reflective illumination technology has been installed at the entrances and exits, featuring a special backlighting design. This ensures higher road visibility and natural transitions between light and dark, significantly reducing the likelihood of glare and flickering issues caused by sharp angles. As a result, driving safety and comfort are greatly enhanced.


Through its professional lighting products and system solutions, Sansi LED has presented a satisfying contribution to this international cooperative transportation project. Going forward, Sansi LED will continue to prioritize technological research and development, leveraging superior LED products and professional solutions to expand the reach of "Made in China" and "Chinese technology" in the global market. This commitment aims to provide advanced lighting solutions for transportation projects worldwide, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability, thereby facilitating more convenient and comfortable lives and travels for people everywhere.