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Outstanding Tunnel Lighting Innovation: Reflective Illumination Technology by Sansi LED
2024-02-27 814

With the advancement and widespread use of LED technology, LED tunnel lighting fixtures have become increasingly common in tunnels. In this article, we will specifically highlight a premium reflective tunnel light developed by Sansi LED.


When assessing the quality of an LED tunnel light, it is essential to consider its heat dissipation performance, operational stability, and light output quality. Drawing on over 30 years of specialization in the LED industry, Sansi LED has consistently integrated the latest technologies in the field and spearheaded numerous significant projects globally.




The reflective tunnel light by Sansi LED features a reflective optical design. The light emitted from the LED chips passes through a highly transparent and diffusely reflective cloth-patterned glass before reaching the eyes, transforming the LED's point light into a high-efficiency light source. This soft and glare-free illumination not only enhances lighting efficiency and comfort but also boosts reflection efficiency and light uniformity. By ensuring safety for tunnel traffic, it effectively minimizes operational and maintenance expenses.


Beyond superior light quality and heat dissipation, energy efficiency is a key consideration for consumers. Sansi LED reflective tunnel light offers a 'DALI dimming mode,' enabling precise 0-100% dimming tailored to the tunnel lighting environment and traffic conditions. This feature helps reduce energy wastage while creating an optimal lighting ambiance.




Given the unique and challenging tunnel environment, it is crucial for tunnel lights to possess high resistance. Constructed from environmentally-friendly aluminum alloys, Sansi LED reflective tunnel lights boast an IP65 protection rating, ensuring high levels of dustproofing and waterproofing to prevent dust, moisture, and other impurities from accumulating. This design enables safe and stable operation in humid tunnel settings, mitigating potential safety risks.


Up to now, The reflective tunnel light by Sansi LED has been successfully applied in Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Hangzhou tunnel lighting, Shanghai Daning Park tunnel lighting, Malaysia and other projects by virtue of its significant advantages.