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100+㎡ LED Display by Sansi LED Lands in Foshan Software Park, Guangdong
2024-03-28 177

The smart industrial park integrates the new generation of information and communication technology, enabling rapid collection, transmission, processing, and calculation of various items and events in the park, thereby realizing the interconnection and enhancing its social and economic value. Recently, the LED display system solution for the Urban Brain IOC informatization System project, created by Sansi LED for Foshan Software Park, has been delivered and put into use.


佛山软件园 Micro LED智慧显示(103㎡P0.9).jpg

Integrating "intelligence" into every aspect of the construction and operation, supported by outstanding products, technology, and services, the system presents a clearer picture of the city, helping managers make more precise decisions.


The command center dispatching display adopts P0.9 ultra-fine-pitch display with a micro-spacing, employing a new generation of picture quality enhancement technology, with the entire screen approaching a resolution of 20480*5760, close to 1.2 billion pixels, complemented by ultra-wide viewing angles, ultra-high contrast, and refresh rate, rendering details vivid and the picture quality clearer and more stunning. Special surface treatment processes and ultra-high reliability safety backup technology can meet the long-term stable operation needs of the urban brain, as well as a wide range of business requirements across various fields, catering to the comprehensive needs of the intelligent city's dispatch platform.



Based on core technologies such as big data, digital twinning, and the Internet of Things, the LED visualization large screen integrates data from various fields in the industrial park, making all operational data easily accessible. Sansi LED has also developed a metaverse virtual visualization interaction platform solution. It involves 3D modeling of real buildings, equipment, and facilities, using 3D development engines to map the real park and equipment 1:1 into the virtual world, achieving visual operational management of the entire park from the perspectives of space, equipment, pipelines, environment, monitoring, surveillance, and alarm visualization.


The high-precision digital space provides a better visual experience for various business scenarios, strengthening the connection and collaborative combat capabilities among various business departments in the smart city, effectively improving operational management efficiency, reducing operating costs, and creating a safe, efficient, and comfortable working environment.


In recent years, the application scenarios of IOC(intelligent operations center) have penetrated into various industries. In the future, Sansi LED will continue to provide outstanding products, technology, and services, contributing significantly to the construction of big data for enterprises.