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Daximen Business District: Prime Application of Cultural Integration with Creative LED Displays
2024-04-22 150

Under the general trend of the digitization of culture, business, and travel, various creative LED displays have increasingly become important visual windows for the cultural, business, and travel industries. Relying on professional LED display technology and innovative technologies such as naked-eye 3D and immersive interaction, Sansi LED has provided creative display solutions for many popular check-in points, helping to promote urban economic development.


Walking along the Daximen Business Street, one can feel the fusion of classical and modern Kunshan cultural elements such as white walls, blue tiles, flying eaves carvings, Suzhou-style courtyards, herringbone roofs, and cloud brocade walls... Among these elements, the 6508K creative and unique LED display by Sansi LED, perfectly integrated into the environment, which looks like walking into a mysterious space, adding charm to the entire commercial street.


The Daximen Business Street project integrates Jiangnan culture and Kunshan's cultural elements into its architectural design, combined with courtyard forms of different themes, forming a "one street, three courtyards" overall layout, reproducing the charm of Jiangnan culture, introducing characteristic catering, leisure, culture, and other formats, and creating a unique cultural and touristic integrated block featuring Kunshan characteristics, helping to promote the "Jiangnan culture" brand.


With its high transparency and clear display details, Sansi's creative display screen has attracted attention and brought a new commercial pattern to the Daximen Business Street, while simultaneously meeting the functional needs of lighting and the aesthetic and economic benefits of advertising, without changing the appearance and structure of the building.