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Sansi LED Puts into Use in the 17th Games of Zhejiang Province
Sansi LED Puts into Use in the 17th Games of Zhejiang Province
2022-11-18 2101

On November 18, the 17th Games of Zhejiang Province was grandly opened in Jinhua, Zhejiang, which is a grand event held every four years, and it is also the largest comprehensive sports events in the province. The competition categories and the number of participants have reached a record high, which has further improved the participation of the masses. As the official support enterprise of the Games, Sansi uses its professional LED products and solutions to help the event run smoothly.



Premier LED Canopy in the industry: Shanghai Stadium



The nearly 10,000㎡ LED canopy customized by Sansi for Shanghai Stadium has the high reliability to resist natural disasters and safety accidents. The frame and structure of the display can resist salt spray and acid corrosion, which is a rare process in the sports display industry.




Venue of NBA China Game: Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena


This is a classic application case of center-hung LED display. The total area reaches more than 400 square meters. With the unique timing and scoring system, both the game status and the real-time score display are seamlessly connected. The display can be adjusted up and down at will to meet different needs.



The 17th Games of Zhejiang Province:Jinhua Sports Center Natatorium


Jinhua Sports Center is one of the core venues of the Provincial Games. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the competition, the venue has been renovated recently. In this project, the LED display of the swimming pool was built by Sansi. The clear image and bright colors provided by Sansi LED display allow the audience to have an extraordinary viewing experience.




The 56th World Table Tennis Championships: Chengdu High-tech Zone Sports Center



Chengdu High-tech Zone Sports Center is the host venue of the 31st Table Tennis Tournament and the 25th China University Student Table Tennis Championship. Sansi has customized products and solutions such as bucket screens, LED displays and ring screens for the venues to present the event brilliantly.



Urban Brand Building Project: Chengdu Chengdong Sports Park


The lighting effect outside the venue are varied and artistic. This is the architectural floodlight customized by Sansi for Chengdong Gymnasium. At the same time, the combination of center-hung LED display, and ring display creates a viewing space without dead corners.




The 19th Asian Games: Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center



Hangzhou is the third Chinese city to host the Asian Games after Beijing and Guangzhou. Sansi has the honor to participate in some main stadiums construction: Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center, Hangzhou E-sports Center and the lighting renovation projects of municipal roads.





The 31st FISU World University Games: Chengdu Dong'an Lake Sports Park


As a famous city for sports events, many international events have settled in Chengdu. Dong'an Lake Sports Park is the home venue of the 31st FISU World University Games. Sansi provided professional LED display solutions for the venue.





Beijing Winter Olympic Ice Hockey Qualifiers: Shanghai Sanlin Sports Center



As a grand event of winter sports, the Beijing Winter Olympics has aroused the enthusiasm of local people for ice sports. Shanghai Sanlin Sports Center, which has held many international ice events, has installed the center-hung LED display for the timing and scoring system, which was provided by Sansi.



The 14th National Games: Xi'an Olympic Sports Center


Sansi provided a 540㎡ 4K HD center-hung LED display and a series of sports display solutions for various venues of the 14th National Games held in Xi’an. In addition, the integrated lighting services of Olympic Sports Center square and the Olympic tunnel were also customized by Sansi.




Venue of the 1st Curling World Cup: Suzhou Olympic Sports Center


Suzhou Olympic Sports Center integrates sports competition and commercial activities. Sansi customized 17 sets of full-color LED displays for the venue with a total area of 2148.53㎡, among which the center-hung LED display meet the NBA event-level standards, improving the venue's ability to host international high-profile major events.



The 24th Games of Shandong Province:Qingdao Citizens Sports Center


Qingdao Citizens Sports Center is the largest stadium in Qingdao. The center-hung LED display with a total area of 560 square meters constructed by Sansi provides a good visual effect and fantastic viewing experience for the spectators.



The 1st National Youth Games: Fuzhou Strait Olympic Sports Center



The Fuzhou Strait Olympic Sports Center is a super-large integrated sports venues. Sansi customized and installed a totally 800 square meters of LED display for it, including a 176 square meters of center-hung LED display and a 520 square meters of outdoor full-color LED display.