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Sansi LED: Sustainable LED Lighting and Integrated LED Display

Delivering premium and professional LED Display, LED Lighting, Smart City Integration solutions, trusted by over 60,000 companies worldwide everyday. From industrial lighting to commercial lighting, from outdoor advertising to XR & VR production, Sansi LED greatly improves the quality and sustainability of your business with 30 years of expert experiences.

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Sansi Being Honored As Shanghai Hardcore Enterprises TOP100
Sansi Being Honored As Shanghai Hardcore Enterprises TOP100
2022-08-05 2218

The Shanghai Industrial Technology Innovation Conference, with a theme of "Main Engine of Innovation, Development of New Energy", was grandly held recently. The list of "2022 Shanghai Hardcore Enterprises TOP100" was released in this conference. Sansi emerged from 1993 national and municipal level enterprises and listed companies to receive the honor.


2022 Shanghai Hardcore Enterprises TOP100


Sansi has always believed in “innovation drives development”, we have developed a strong R&D strength and a great deal of unique patented technology since founded in 1993. For example, the ceramic heat dissipation technology is the research result of the key subject of the National 863 Program, which reduces the heat island effect caused by lights, greatly increasing the service life and improving the reliability. The reflective lighting technology is another important achievement of the national 863 project. The technology adopts Lambert light distribution and three-dimensional reflective cavity design to further improve the reflection efficiency and light uniformity. In addition to the above, Sansi has integrated a series of control systems and launched smart pole system with "10+N" function for the construction of the smart city, providing personalized and systematic services for various scenarios in the cities.


So far, Sansi hardcore technology has been applied to some world-famous projects containing Times Square in New York, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Montenegro North-South Expressway, Jingxiong Smart Expressway, Yellow River Tunnel, etc. In the future, Sansi will continue to focus on scientific and technological research and development to produce better LED products and professional solutions.