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Sansi Activates The Digital Transformation of Intelligent Nodes
Sansi Activates The Digital Transformation of Intelligent Nodes
2023-07-06 562

The world's longest sea-crossing bridge, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, spanning 55 kilometers, has all its LED streetlights, tunnel lights, landscape lights, and information boards provided by Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd.




Before the opening of the first International Import Expo, the surrounding area of Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center was also equipped with smart streetlights developed by Sansi, which integrates various functions such as traffic lights, cameras, induction screens, communication base stations, and charging piles. It is also a neuron of the urban brain of Shanghai that receives and transmits various signals and data.




From self-developed ceramic heat dissipation lighting technology to smart streetlights with integrated multiple functions, then to the ongoing research and development of Beidou System smart pole system, Jiang Yuxi, Deputy Chief Engineer of Shanghai Sansi, leads the team to focus on "a light" and constantly explore innovation, making each "spark of light" become a "smart node" in the urban digital transformation.


The success of the application of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge lighting system relies on Sansi's self-developed ceramic heat dissipation body and honeycomb convection heat dissipation technology. Since 2014, Sansi has been trying to use ceramic materials instead of traditional aluminum substrates to make radiators. Using aluminum substrate as heat dissipation body requires multiple layers of thermal conductive glue and other intermediate layers between the aluminum substrate and electronic components. And Sansi’s ceramic heat dissipation technology naturally improving the efficiency of heat rejection. Coupled with the special structure of independent pixels, air convection becomes smoother, further improving the heat dissipation effect. Jiang Yuxi explained that this patented invention has the characteristics of high heat dissipation efficiency, high light efficiency, and stable performance, which enables it to cope with the challenges of high temperature, high humidity, and high salinity environment on the bridge, thereby extending the service life of the lights.




Nowadays, Shanghai Sansi's smart pole system has been widely applied in more than 70 cities worldwide. In Jiang Yuxi's view, through the high-density distribution of street lights in cities, the sensing system enables the "tentacles" of smart cities to reach every corner.




"An outstanding scientific research talent needs to play four roles well: a 'salesperson' who can clearly express research ideas, a 'manager' who controls project progress, an 'engineer' who ensures the successful implementation of products, and finally, a 'scientist' who invents and innovates." This was the advice given by Jiang Yuxi's advisor during his pursuit of a doctoral degree. He has always kept this in mind and used it to encourage the young colleagues in the team to be qualified "smart craftsmen" in the field of urban development.