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Sansi LED Road Lighting Case∣Ceramic LED Street Lights, Light up 22 Kilometers 351 National Highway
Sansi LED Road Lighting Case∣Ceramic LED Street Lights, Light up 22 Kilometers 351 National Highway
2020-04-19 882

The road is the vein of the city, lighting is the soul of the city. Technology is developing and cities are changing fast. How could a street light brighten the whole city in the new 5G era?

SANSI has been synonymous with high-quality, reliable, innovative technology that’s been improving people’s lives for 27 years, numerous large-scale lighting projects were accomplished. SANSI LED technology is helping create smarter more livable cities. Now, discover the beauty of Pujiang. Let’s learn more about the 351 national highway street lighting renovation.



A grand Total of 22.414 kilometers in length. The G351 national highway (Pujiang Zhengjiawu to Lianmeng highway) traverses China’s eastern, central, western inland and ends in xiaojin county. The aim of the 351 national highway constructed is a highway system connecting Baima, Zhengzhai, Yantou, Xianhua, Puyang all villages and towns with each other, linking major roads and important counties. The total investment of the project is about 1.61 billion RMB and the construction period was 36 months.

The 351 national highway lighting renovation is a milestone project in the transportation history of Pujiang county, which has been listed in the provincial and municipal key construction projects and ten key county projects, it’s the first national transit highway.

SANSI has provided more than 1, 776 sets of LED lighting fixtures including ceramic LED street lights, LED tunnel lights, high-pole lights, etc. It has laid a technical foundation for the Zhejiang provincial transportation department to increase the quality and speed of the project.


Six-lane Highway / Road Lighting Beautification


In the construction of the 351 national highway, according to the principles of high positioning, local conditions and synchronous implementation, the LED lighting fixtures are provided to show the diversified green landscape of the national highway, including green belts, median strips and interchanges. LED lighting has enhanced the natural beauty of the landscape while improving the urban appearance.



• Simple and smooth in street light pole’s shape:high lamp pole, large curvature and simple shape, greatly improving the illuminance of the national highway amongst its local conditions.

• Diversified light distribution technology: A variety of light distribution, meeting the optical requirements of the main road, secondary road, branch road, expressway and other road scenes.

• Follows the road design standards: According to the relevant standards of road lighting design, the average illuminance of the main road is up to 46.2(lx).


Interchange / Fixed Point Lighting Renovation


351 National Highway (Pujiang section) involves the Lianmeng interchange, Xianhua and zhengzhailingjiao interchange, which is responsible for the intersection of the main highways and the important function of traffic flow. Lighting is a key factor to ensure driver safety. Therefore, SANSI provides a new street lighting C0820-ZR with high brightness LED’s as a light source for level crossings to grade separation. While improving traffic conditions, Improving road capacity and traffic.


• High efficiency light distribution mode: According to different positions of the road section, single or double arm light pole image layout is adopted, with uniform illumination, higher light efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

• Ceramic heat dissipation technology: The LED light source is directly welded onto the surface of ceramic radiator to reduce the thermal resistance of the system and ensure the reliability and service life of the product.

• Hollow structure and narrow section: Hollow structure design can accelerate heat dissipation, improves service life, narrows the section design, reduces wind resistance and improves product safety.


Multiple channels / Lighting upgradation


There are about 15 channels in 351 national highway (Pujiang section). According to the area and height of the channel, a tunnel light with constant color temperature C0820-SD is adopted. The light efficiency of the lamp is high and the design of equal brightness polarized light is adopted with high light efficiency, low glare, high road brightness and uniformity.



• Ceramic heat dissipation, stable and reliable: High brightness LED as the light source of the new lighting, the product moisture-proof, waterproof, transparent heat dissipation, easy to install.

• Integrated die-casting aluminum, easy to install: The appearance design is simple and generous, rich in smooth beauty; the shell is made of high-quality die-casting aluminum, durable.

• Intelligent dimming, energy saving and environmental protection: Support multiple intelligent dimming modes, meet the comfort and safety of tunnel lighting, and creates "secondary energy saving".

The completion and opening of 351 national highway is a new milestone in the development history of Pujiang transportation. For 27 years, SANSI has always insisted on having scientific and technological research and development in our core, market demand as our guide, and promote urban construction for better lives. Our independently developed and produced LED lighting series products have not only been applied on the Pujiang national highway, but also in large lighting projects such as the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge and many cities across the country. We are now known for providing high-quality comprehensive road lighting construction and transformation services.


SANSI COC (Chip on Ceramic) Technology

Ceramic heat dissipation technology, Energy efficient



Ceramic dissipates heat more efficiently than aluminum, the non-conductive ceramic was selected to make the heat sink, and LED chips are mounted onto ceramic directly, no PCB, ensuring fast heat dissipation. It solves the problem of large thermal resistance in the heat transfer process of the traditional LED lamp aluminum substrate, with stronger heat dissipation, more stability and longer service life. At the same time, it avoids the hidden dangers of the traditional aluminum substrates due to the impact of the fastener vibration. Compared with traditional heat dissipation systems, SANSI’s ceramic heat dissipation system prolongs the life of the LED light.