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Sansi LED: Sustainable LED Lighting and Integrated LED Display

Delivering premium and professional LED Display, LED Lighting, Smart City Integration solutions, trusted by over 60,000 companies worldwide everyday. From industrial lighting to commercial lighting, from outdoor advertising to XR & VR production, Sansi LED greatly improves the quality and sustainability of your business with 30 years of expert experiences.

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Sansi LED  COC Ceiling lighting Solution to Increase Plant Production
Sansi LED COC Ceiling lighting Solution to Increase Plant Production
2019-11-14 984

SANSI COC toplighting solution adopts self-produced COC LED technology, opens up new opportunities for every greenhouse grower to increase their quality and yields.  LED toplighting can shorten growth cycles, increase yields, reduce energy and enable more economic use of space.


COC - Chip on Ceramic LED Technology


Chip on Ceramic - SANSI’s LED chips are mounted onto the ceramic directly, the LED chips for SANSI’s LED grow lights are both PCB and adhesive free.




What can indoor greenhouse grow lights do for growers?


Uniformed Light and Spectrum Distribution


Wide beam optics provide optimal light and uniformed light distribution. The spectrum of SANSI grow lights can be customized for vegetation, flowering and full cycle stages.


High Energy Efficiency


SANSI ceramic LED grow light series use active cooling with ceramic heat sink, and greatly extends lifetime. The passively cooled module produces much less radiant heat, putting you in control over your greenhouse climate.




New Level of Productivity


Consistency in light and customized spectrum can put plant growth in balance, leading to higher yields and better crop production efficiency. You can control light and temperature separately from each other to reach unprecedented lighting levels for your plants.


IP65 Waterproof & Dustproof


SANSI LED grow lights are waterproof and dustproof with IP65 design, which can be operated under tough conditions.




High PPFD and Long Lifespan


SANSI grow light features high PPFD value. Due to their lower running temperatures and energy efficiency, they’re able to outlast traditional lights by a long way. When being a large scale indoor farmer it is crucial to obtain grow lights that are powerful and able to last a long time.


SANSI 200/400W LED Grow Light Specifications


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