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Sansi LED: Sustainable LED Lighting and Integrated LED Display

Delivering premium and professional LED Display, LED Lighting, Smart City Integration solutions, trusted by over 60,000 companies worldwide everyday. From industrial lighting to commercial lighting, from outdoor advertising to XR & VR production, Sansi LED greatly improves the quality and sustainability of your business with 30 years of expert experiences.

Important Note:

Before using the features and services of Sansi LED, and its affiliates, please carefully read and fully understand this Term of Use, especially the terms of exemption or restriction of the responsibility, the terms of exclusion or restriction of user rights, and the terms of jurisdiction, etc. These terms are usually capitalized to remind you.

If you have any concerns about the terms of this Agreement, please send emails to overseas@sansitech.com. If you disagree with any of the following terms in this Agreement, please stop using Sansi LED website, as your using will be deemed as approval and full acceptance of the entire content in this Agreement.

This Agreement is an agreement signed between users (or “you”) and Sansi LED regarding the use of Sansi LED related services and has a contractual effect.

When you use a specific service of Sansi LED, the service may have separate agreements and related business rules. The above contents will be published and demonstrated in various forms such as website announcements, notifications, messages, e-mails and help center documents. Once officially released, such separate agreements and related business rules shall be considered as an integral part of this Agreement and you shall abide by it. Your acceptance of any of the aforementioned business rules and separate agreements is deemed to be your full acceptance of this Agreement. If all or part of the terms of the relevant separate agreements or related business rules are or is held invalid, the validity of separate agreements, related business rules or their terms shall not be affected thereby.

After you sign this Agreement, the content may be modified due to changes arising from national policies, products and the environment in which this Agreement is implemented. The revised agreement will be posted on this website. If you disagree with the revised agreement, please stop signing in or using Sansi LED immediately.

You may enter into orders with Sansi LED, whether online or offline. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between this Agreement and the orders, the orders shall take precedence over this Agreement.

If Sansi LED has posted or provided a translation of this Agreement, you agree that the translation is provided for convenience only and that this English version will govern your access to and use of Sansi LED.

Your privacy is of great importance to us. Please read the Sansi LED Policy ("Privacy Policy") as it describes the types of personal data we collect from you and your devices, how we use your personal data, and the legal basis we have to process your personal data. In some cases, we will provide separate notices and request your consent.

You undertake not to use Sansi LED for any illegal purpose or in any illegal way, undertake to comply with all applicable laws, and comply with all separate agreements, rules and guides related to Sansi LED.

You agree and warrant that Sansi LED may not be used to facilitate or assist the following acts, nor may it be produced, uploaded, stored, distributed or disseminated in connection with the following acts:

Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism, or abetting crimes;

Insulting, slandering others, or infringing on the lawful rights and interests of others.

You agree and warrant that the use of Sansi LED is subject to this Agreement and related business rules and controls, and may not be used to engage in, including but not limited to the following acts, or to facilitate the following acts:

Providing information for real-name authentication without authenticity, completeness or accuracy;

Conducting any damage or attempt to damage the security of the network, including but not limited to viruses, trojans, malicious code, phishing, malicious scanning, illegal intrusion, unauthorized access, etc.;

Conducting any change or attempt to change the system configuration provided by Sansi LED or to compromise the security of Sansi LED;

Deleting all copyright information of Sansi LED, conducting reverse engineering, reverse compiling, reverse compiling of Sansi LED, or trying to find the software source code of Coohom Platform in other ways;

Copying, changing, modifying, linking to Sansi LED commercially, or creating any derivative works or products, or using plug-ins, plug-ins or unauthorized tools to access, interfere with, or affect Sansi LED;

Accessing or trying to access our Sansi LED through web crawlers or other automatic methods, or violate robots.txt or similar files in Sansi LED;

Using, leasing, lending, copying, modifying, linking, reprinting, compiling, publishing, or establishing mirror sites of data related to Sansi LED commercially;

Using technology or other methods to destroy and disrupt the operation of Sansi LED and the use of Sansi LED by other users;

Circumventing any restrictions on access to or availability of Sansi LED;

Infringing upon the rights of others or engage in activities that violate the privacy or data protection rights of others;

If Sansi LED finds that your behavior violates applicable laws or this Agreement by its own or according to the information collected by other entities or individuals Sansi LED may take one or more of the following measures based on its independent judgment.