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Highly Durable and Reliable LED Variable Message Signs for Transport and Highways Applications
2024-04-07 270

LED variable message sign(VMS) is very important part of intelligent transportation system, you could see it often not only while youre driving on the roads, highways, bridges, or in the tunnels, also could be seen at train and bus stations, car parks, airports, ferry terminals, even in some factories and manufacturing facilities. In general, its goal is to convey the critical information and message in time or even in real-time to keep people vigilant about the surroundings and lower the incident rates.  

Highway display products are constantly exposed under extreme weather conditions, including severe sunlight, heavy rain and snow, and even typhoons or sandstorms. To ensure optimal visibility and performance in these challenging environments, the LED variable message signs must possess high visual penetrability, highly effective brightness, optimal contrast ratio, and durable IP Level.


Sansi LEDs VMS products specially have an unique component that is greatly improving the quality of traffic information system, the patented optical lens, which ensure and stabilize uniform light distribution to level up the visibility. The particular structure of the optical lens strictly controls the light between the angle from 0° to -15°, eliminating any interference in the driver's sight and maximizing light efficiency, and featured a smooth surface that enables superior color mixing and essentially eliminates chromatic aberration under white light. The LED panel module consists of multiple layers to be preventing interference from different LED chips and delivering an enhanced visual performance.


 The LED various message signs for transportation provided by Sansi LED have expanded its global presence and been exported to over 30 countries in the past few years, including the United States, Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia and Middle East. This extensive distribution network proves that Sansi LEDs VMS products are trusted and compatible with global road applications propelled by the smart city integration and infrastructure development. From Saudi Arabia to North America, we consistently deliver exceptional LED display performance in diverse traffic environments, we do it better and safer!  quotes Mr. Chen, the Brand Consultant at Sansi LED.


With over 30 years of experiences in LED VMS product researches and developments, Sansi LED offers significantly higher performance and stability compared to other competitors, boasting L3 brightness, R3 contrast ratio, and higher IP levels. Our VMS screens not only reduce power consumption, but also improve heat dissipation, and providing industry-critical reliability, legibility, and serviceability for your road safety.


All the LED VMS products by Sansi LED are EN12966 certified, and meeting rigorous criteria through comprehensive tests, including visual performance, physical performance, structural performance, electrical requirements, and electromagnetic compatibility. Energy efficiency, robust penetrability of information display of texts, pictures, and videos, extreme weather resistance, long visual distance, and more, Sansi LED is ready to take the LED information technology to the next level!


Key Advantages of Sansi LED VMS Displays


lEN12966 Certificated 

lHigh Brightness & Low Energy Consumption

lExtreme Weather Resistance

lAdvanced Lens Structure to Reduce Solar Reflection

lBack-up Technology, Stable & Durable

lConvenient Installation & Maintenance 

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