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What’s Vertical 90 Degree LED Display and Its Benefits?
What’s Vertical 90 Degree LED Display and Its Benefits?
2021-09-08 4390

Vertical LED displays are LED displays with a 90-degree splicing, because this kind of display is specifically designed to solve the problem of assembly gaps for 90 degree splicing. These LED display screens are mainly made with a beveled bottom shell. Mostly two of these bevel angle modules are assembled together to have the 90 degree vertical contour, and the LED Display screen interface could be assembled seamlessly that it is just smoothly one screen viewed afar when images and videos are displayed. 


Many people might be puzzled by simply how the images and the videos play in sync without breaking on the splicing gap considering it is actually two interfaces with our eyes' perception. Generally even with the splicing gap, the two facades of the 90 degree LED displays is physically one LED display with the image and video source signal projected by one integrated control system. It’s just difficult to tell from the naked eye how that functions.


The splicing of the 90 degree vertical LED display makes it possible to avail much spaces like rectangular pillars, indoor and outdoor corner walls or any spaces with a 90 degree contour, it is an ideal choice for a better visual presentation for corporate showcasing or advertisement allocating with such applications; for it is easier to have an eye catching effect with such a contour and make it more effective in terms of the immersive viewing experience of the audience, eye comfort enhancement and the more wide range of visibility; especially when it is viewed from afar it is more spectacular.



Immersive viewing experience: the 90 degrees LED display extends the viewing experience due to its screen shape and the seamless splicing presents more of its magic like one whole screen.


Eye comfort enhancement: the 90 degree curve appears to the eye more comfort than the flat ones of the same size comparatively


Wide range of visibility: the 90 degree curved LED displays in a way is with a wider range of expansion that meets the physiological viewing angle and appears more obtrusive and standing out comparatively.


Utilization of Space: with the 90 degree curved designs, more and more space could be utilized for more outstanding visual effects with more possible creative splicing.


Undoubtedly the vertical curved 90 degree LED display is unique in design in a more subtle way than we could realize; with the advancement of the LED technology and the increase of its accessibility due to its price, it will be more and more prevailing in our surroundings.